Jan 30, 2019
seguindo de volta.
Jan 19, 2019
Phahaha "masterpieces" ?!? Holy shit look at your reviews!
Jan 19, 2019
Thank ya, I'll keep that in mind :)
Jan 19, 2019
Hello,,,,,,,,,,,,, MusicSucks (I obviously don't know your real name),,,,,,, your reviews are quite good, can you please teach me how to write? I have 15 at protuguese so I'm pretty bad at it :'((((
Jan 12, 2019
I’m liking your reviews so far. :)
Jan 5, 2019
yeah, i like your reviews. keep'em coming.
Jan 2, 2019
Nov 24, 2018
I like your name, also thank you for the follow :D

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