Sep 12, 2018
Sorry to sound a note of dissonance here, but my feeling is that Yves is little more than a 'jazzer with a synth' and a wheelbarrow full of bottles, tin cups and steel wool... Making an omelette with 101 ingredients does not make it either aesthetic or edible...
All reviews using the word 'pop' should just face up to the fact that it's just straight up JAZZ, the nearest to pop this gets is in a record shop sitting next to Yves Montand.
Jul 1, 2018
Phil Elverum's sadness in his bereavement and mourning, converted into a short album.

Personally I find the combination of his very literal style of lyric writing combined with his lack of melodic singing puts up a wall for me. Each song is about the subject of his wife dying, sometimes he mentions his daughter, but mostly he finds slightly different ways to say that his wife is no longer in the house, or in a truck he drives, or that her ashes are in a cardboard box etc...

The final track ... read more
Jun 29, 2018
A surprise around every corner, starting with the funereal ghost march of 'Mansion' Mark Smith launches into 'Bombast' a straight up Fall type song that lulls the listener into a false sense of security - but this is just a toe tapping blast that gives way to the thrilling 'Barmey', a foretaste of the true weirdness that is to follow...
Top highlights on this album:
L.A. - a killer guitar track that most rock bands would give their eye teeth to have written
Couldn't Get Ahead - Mark punches ... read more
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