The contempt towards the audience and the disinterest in the music are quite upsetting here. Kevin is stuck in a negative perception of the past, present, and future of BROCKHAMPTON and it is starting to taint my own perception of the once wonderful group.
Louke Man - Sd-1
All my moods, all my pain!
Hydroplane - Hydroplane
I have rated 3,000 albums :D
MJ Lenderman - Boat Songs
Biggest surprise of the year, I’ll be listening to this one for a long time to come. +10 for the emo wresting song.
Bladee & Ecco2k - Crest
Post-pandemic springtime anthems for the self-assured emotionally intelligent
Ethan P. Flynn - Universal Deluge
An incredible step towards a rich, illustrious career. Bound to be of the defining voices of the early 2020s.
caroline - caroline
sounds like BCNR if they were sexually repressed and nervous
Yung Kayo - DFTK
An interesting progression of the modern psychedelic trap style defined by Playboi Carti. There are some promising moments on here (It’s a Monday, hear you) , but overall it’s not as direct as I hoped it would be. His overall vision is nothing short of fascinating, I just hope he focuses on a tighter concept next time. Regardless, this will help the genre evolve and merge with other experimental pop sounds.
Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
A reminder of what it’s all for
Shinichi Atobe - Love of Plastic
so good, so right
Audiobooks - Astro Tough
most interesting album I have heard this year
aya - im hole
prospective mainstream protype
Lazarus Kane - Psychobabble
Perhaps the most disappointed I’ve been with a debut EP in a long time. Lazarus Kane had so much potential after the first two singles, this just sounds like a lesser version of bands from the scene they are in.
Dijon - Absolutely
A new dimension
Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing
My mind is censoring my own mind

A meditative voyage into a damaged psyche

My mind is censoring my own mind

Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue
I see the vision
Petey - Lean Into Life
I only feel like myself when I’m listening to Petey
Horsey - Debonair
Underrated classic
Vince Staples - Vince Staples
This will age better than most albums released in my lifetime
Famous - The Valley
One for the next generation
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