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T E L E P A T H テレパシー能力者 - 星間性交
Mar 28, 2023 (updated Jun 20, 2023)
A ray of sunshine goes over your head.. and then the moon.. and the sun.. and all till death is brought upon us. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Telepath has been an artist I've been interested in for awhile. Honestly, Vaporwave in general has caught my interest, but this album in particular is something I've been wanting to check out. Not only does the album cover match the spacious and other-worldly sound, it's an experience that expands far out of just Vaporwave and Ambient, but out of genres itself. I think this album relies on its calming nature.

When you come across a star, what is your thought process? Is it just another out of the trillions that exist or is it something to be noticed? A star in many cultures can represent a deity or in others can even represent the future and what lies ahead for many. We look towards the stars for something new, something to be proud of, or fear, or even worship in many cases, but what is a star in an objective case? I'd like to think a star can mean lots of things beyond its actual being, beyond the actual meaning, a star is a longing for more and a journey onwards into the great abyss. That is what this album is. Especially if you take in the atmospheric contents of this record. Telepath leads us into the great abyss as we discover something new for ourselves and wonder, what's beyond?

Honestly I had never heard of this record before I joined aoty and read the wonderful review that koxtil made for this record. and my interest peaked. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of vaporwave. It's an interesting genre and all, but I've never fully been able to get into the genre. Maybe there isn't enough of it? Maybe it's all too samey? I don't know honestly.

What does it take to be an artist? Does it take the capacity to put emotion and thought into your work that in turn will be consumed by the public and media? I feel like that's a good definition, but why don't we look at art from the most abstract and meaningless definition possible because to a certain point art can mean anything as long as you want it to. Art is for you and you only to enjoy and appreciate, and if you wanna put it into the public sphere that's fully up to you. At a point, it's easy to find solace in art. Something to relate to and find yourself in.

Alright, well after all of that, does this album live up to the hype? Yes! I think this is a fantastic record with many psychedelic and atmospheric sound choices that show the creativity and expansive sound of Vaporwave. Telepath easily creates an atmospheric experience, not only to enjoy, but hold close and relax to. To listen to this I honestly highly recommend using headphones as it creates a perfect atmosphere and is just very blissful in its sound and ambience. Honestly, I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get into Vaporwave that can also handle something as long as this.

The flow of the universe is all in this one album and telepath seems to transcend the listener towards the gods with his blissful talent through ambient sounds and a vaporwave style like no other artist could do. Overall, this record in full is one of the greatest ambient experiences out there. The sound is unfathomably beautiful and one of the greatest experiences in music I've ever had. Such a record like this tackles the longevity of life and the capacity at which the universe holds it without really trying. Blissful Vaporwave for the soul.

A word towards the sky.
I flap my wings and suddenly fly.
Where shall I go as the sun burns?
The round ball that turns as my mortality sets in.
I follow you till death where my soul churns.
Not all can win.

Where is my escape? Is it on a cloud from above?
I want to leave on that pretty little dove.
I eat till I die and consume till I cry
Where is that one I knew long ago, I wonder if she's shy.

A peaceful time for all on our screaming chaotic mound.
The piece moves forward as the realization of my tears return loud.
The sky is full of dust as my soul caves and leers.
Shall I leave?
We will see, but you know I will give you all my dear.

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@solstus LMAO
@Suma thanks to @koxtil after checking their profile
Thanks for the shoutout. Also, amazing review.
@koxtil thank you :) and np you have great taste and are a great writer!
:3 sick review loved it
huge real review
100 -> 74 is such an insane fall off
@Eomann yes! yes it is!
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