Metallica - Kill 'em All
Apr 17, 2023
Something tells me I'm not gonna be a big fan of the Metallica discography.

This album was boring. Yeah I said it. I got nothing out of this album, I mean except from maybe, Anesthesia, which shows that Hetfield was probably not the greatest vocalist at this point in his career and that Metallica probably should've stuck to the instrumental stuff instead of the annoying, sickly yelling.

While I do think this album as a whole is good, it's very weak for Metallica, and seems to be a low point, but to be honest, I can't really judge them that much since this is a debut. The annoying repetitive filler was what most of this album relied on and made it sound as boring as it does. It's basically St. Anger without the snare and without the lengthy tracks, despite that it's as boring as St. Anger and without much substance, leading to like, every song sounding the same. Again, except Anesthesia, which is a banger.

Honestly, KEM is not a good representation of Metallica's discography. It's them at their rawest and simplest. They gain so much more musicality and grow their songwriting so much more directly after this album. Of their classic 5, this is my least favourite as well.
@JustSomeGuy I'll try to keep an open mind when going into their other albums. Especially that Lou Reed collab album which heavily made me interested when seeing you rating it so highly. I do feel as if I'll feel bored by some of their middle stuff like Load and Reload.
Oh yeah, Load and Reload will def be a struggle for you. I hate to say it, but those albums are the most filler heavy albums in their entire discography. There's enough good material between them to make a single great 45-50min album, but unfortunately they bloated them into two 80+ minute albums.

As for Lulu, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It helps to look at it as a Lou Reed album with Metallica backing him instead of a proper collab between the two. I maintain that most of the hate resides in the fact that Metallica fans aren't used to Reed's poetry or his approach to music.
@JustSomeGuy the 19 minute track seems... interesting. As for Load and Reload, I'm scared, hopefully I'll enjoy Metallica's other work though as I did think Master of Puppets was a great album with most of the album except maybe one track being filler, but even that track was pretty good imo. Lightning's probably next and then I'll move through their other classics!
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Metallica - St. Anger
Feb 6, 2023
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