Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall
Mar 27, 2023
God fucking dammit well here I am. Rating this too high. Did you really have to release so early, BCNR?

Of course, they have to come with one of the greatest records we've seen so far this year. Even without their usual lead singer, their build up and usage of diverse instrumentation is impressive and wonderful. Without the charm of Isaac Wood's emotional vocals, BCNR evolves past the need for his genius and create a magically atmospheric story of a better and more nostalgic time.

So what do you do when you lose your vocalist? Of course you need to move past and show the world you're not done yet and that's what this live record is, an example of what BCNR can still do without Isaac. They've even changed up their sound a bit with many different classical sounding instrumental parts and even some bits in "The Boy" where the vocals resemble of Björk.

Honestly, this live record isn't as good as Ants From Up There, but it does show some growth for the band and a change of sound and style, resembling a way faster and poppish sound, something I don't know whether to love or think that it needs some improvement, but even when changing up their style, they still impress me with their vocal and instrumental performances combined. Live At Bush Hall feels like an ending, but it's really only the beginning.

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