Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
Jul 18, 2022 (updated Jul 19, 2022)
I think its pretty clear that Flower Boy is where we see Tyler mature musically because GAH DAMN THIS ALBUM IS SO FUCKING GOOD. Flower Boy to me is a very special album because its the first album where I listened to the entire thing in order. I was a very casual music fan back in 2019 that mainly listened to soundcloud rap artists (lil tecca, lil mosey, etc), but this album changed my entire perspective on music. I stopped only listening to music for its beat and found the beauty in lyricism that paints a picture/story in your mind. I can't even count the times I've relistened to this album at this point, but I thought its finally time for me to do a review on an actual site.

To start, I think the production on this album is fantastic. Undulating synths, strings, sonar like guitars, smooth piano chords/melodies and glockenspiels are major staples in the production and they immerse you with a hazy/warm feeling that places you in your own flower field. Along with the glockenspiels, I think the percussion in this album is just great overall. The drums are so lively and are full of personality throughout each track (e.g., the sampled chime in Forward at the beginning, the heavy bass with the clapping and glockenspiels in See You Again). The sampling here is also really good and its not like he takes a melody from a song, slaps 808s on it and calls it a beat. For example, a song like Pothole showcases his talent where he adds to the sampled chorus with siren synths, strings, and beautiful drums to make a whole new song instead of a remix. Crazy thing is Tyler does all of this by himself, he doesn't have a co-producer which is incredibly impressive.

I also think that Flower Boy is excellent lyrically. Not only are his lyrics catchy, but they have lots of meaning behind them which opens up a more vulnerable side of Tyler. There are two main themes in Flower Boy with one of them obviously being flowers and the other being cars. He uses flowers as a metaphor for love and sexuality and its brilliant how he uses coming out of the Garden Shed into the field as a metaphor for coming out of the closet. Cars are used as a way to fill a void caused by Tyler's struggle to connect with others and find love leading to boredom and loneliness. I think it sort of culminates in 911/Mr. Lonely in bars like:

"They say the loudest in the room is weak
That's what they assume, but I disagree
I say the loudest in the room
Is prolly the loneliest one in the room (That's me)"

"Never had a pet
I never had a pet
There's more fish in the sea
But I never had a goldfish to begin with
I never had a dog
So I've never been good with bitches
'Cause I never threw a ball, fetch"

Featurewise, Tyler did a great job and finding the right artists for each song and its a trend we've continued to see in his latest album CMIGYL. If I had to pick my top 3, it would probably be Kali Uchis, Rex Orange County, and Frank Ocean, but all the features are great. Tyler's performance himself was all pretty good and I don't think any other artist would be able to pull it off. The emotion and raspiness of his voice make this a Tyler, The Creator album and he flows so well with the instrumentals.

This album is a future classic down the line for me because of its musical creativity and its thematic brilliance imo.

Foreword - 10
Where This Flower Blooms - 10
Sometimes... - n/a
See You Again - 10
Who Dat Boy - 10
Pothole - 10
Garden Shed - 10
Boredom - 10
I Ain't Got Time! - 8
911/Mr. Lonely - 10
Droppin' Seeds - 8
November - 8
Glitter - 10
Enjoy Right Now, Today - 8

TOP 3: See You Again, Boredom, 911/Mr. Lonely
LEAST FAV: Enjoy Right Now, Today

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