DC The Don - My Own Worst Enemy
Sep 5, 2022
Criminally underrated.

After 2 years, DC finally releases his long awaited 22 song LP, My Own Worst Enemy. Whether it was the production, the sick flows, or DC's ability to deliver unique cadences, this project will grab your attention immediately.

The unique production behind this project fits well with DC and his style. My only critique is that the synth was slightly overused, but this is excusable because it wasn't used as the main instrument behind the beat in every track. If that was the case, the project would be very annoying *cough* Trippie Redd beats *cough*.
The standout beats are from the tracks:

• PSA [Not much to say other than I enjoy it, lol. It’s just kinda a vibe that fits the theme of the song]

• Heartbreak Summer 3 [Everything mixed in the instrumental sounds great together, but there were 2 highlights for me. The drum pattern is both refreshing to hear, and is also memorable. Then we have the guitar that plays in the background throughout the entire track. Slightly bias because I love guitar instrumentals, but the idea of a modernized guitar that fits well into a trap album, and then having it work is amazing]

• ILY [Just listen to it. Overall, it’s not too simple, but also not too over the top]

The first half is the hype/trap approach that DC is known for. We’ve got some hard songs such as Live From The Gutta, Diamonds & Rubies, and Enemies. Although these are fun to listen to, they’re nothing too special lyrically. This doesn’t mean they’re not good, but it lacks depth and enjoyment by the 5th listen (it's fine you’re not listening to it too much). My point is that songs like this get old fast, but they’re so many of these songs in the album, so I guess it evens out.. for now.

The second half takes a melodic approach, best shown in tracks such as Maniac, 7 Knights, and IMY :(. This type of style reminds me of Uzi (DC x UZI song when??)). So yeah, all of these tracks bring a vibe. Definitely more replay value then the first half. And even though it’s a lot more experimental, I think this way is better. Every track doesn’t feel like the same song over and over again. Not only does this work on this LP, but it helps DC in the future (because he now knows how much is too much, and what works and what doesn’t).

Even though this is only DC’s sophomore album (shut up DC Dahmer doesn’t count), you can really see how much has changed since Come As You Are. From the production to the vocals. We no longer have messy melodic sounds that don’t fit the song. We no longer have ear damaging songs mixed in the project. It’s safe to say DC took the 2 years he needed to perfect his craft, and it does show. Even in September, this is still the trap album of the year.

Live From The Gutta - 9.1
Diamonds & Rubies - 8.7
Enemies - 8.5
Riris & Kylies - 8.4
Telfar… - 9.0
Makaveli - 8.0
Donny’s Revenge - 8.6
PSA - 10
Rerout3 - 8.6
I want you <3 - 9.6
Arrest Me - 9.3
iCarly :/ - 8.8
Homicid3 - 8.8
Heartbreak Summer 3 - 8.6
Scott Pilgrim </3 - 8.9
Donatello - 9.1
ILY - 9.0
IMY - 9.2
Dr. Strange - 9.0
7 Knights - 9.4
Futurama 2099 - 9.5
Maniac - 8.9

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