Lil Peep - Live Forever
Meh, just boring, short, and forgettable

angeldust - 5.6
[Lil Peep's vocals were solid, but the production overpowers the lyrics. There's definitely a lot of missed potential, but the song as a whole is OK]
mirror, mirror - 4.4
[Forgettable, boring]
pick me up - 4.2
[Meh. Peep's verse is alright but Goth just sucked]
nuts - 7.2
[It's alright... Not good by any means, but it's still listenable]
haunt u - 8.0
[Easily one of the best songs in the entire project, but that's not saying much]
vibe - ... read more

Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Overall, IDMTHY is a good album with a few mid songs here and there. The production throughout the entirety of the album was on point. It brings a sort of sentimental feel to the album, which works perfectly since the album is written from the perspective of a ghost. It's sort of a masterpiece- all the layers complimented each other well, and they matched the theme of each song perfectly. At times the production can feel repetitive, but it can easily be dismissed solely due to it's overall ... read more
DaBaby - Baby On Baby 2
This really put the nail in the coffin for Dababy. IMO he could've made a comeback if this was actually good, but it's not. Most of the tracks felt unfinished and all over the place. In other words, it's just boring low quality music. There's not much more to be said. This sucks

Worst song: No condom
Best: ...

Quadeca - Born Yesterday
Quadeca singles are crazy wtf. first we had sisyphus on FMTY.. now we have Born Yesterday on IDMTHY. W
DC The Don - My Own Worst Enemy
Criminally underrated.

After 2 years, DC finally releases his long awaited 22 song LP, My Own Worst Enemy. Whether it was the production, the sick flows, or DC's ability to deliver unique cadences, this project will grab your attention immediately.

The unique production behind this project fits well with DC and his style. My only critique is that the synth was slightly overused, but this is excusable because it wasn't used as the main instrument behind the beat in every track. If that was ... read more

blackbear - In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory shows growth as an artist for Blackbear. Lyrically, this is less cringy and executed much better than his previous project. Sonically, this is also way better. However, it can sound repetitive at times.


Hazel Inside - 8.6
[Ig I’m just a sucker for acoustic instrumentals, but damn I love this. To be fair, it’s pretty hard to fuck up a guitar instrumental. Anyways, the singing was consistently good on this. Blackbear seemed more inspired as a whole on this ... read more

Lil Tjay - Destined 2 Win
This wasn't that bad. There were some decent songs here and there, but a good chunk of the album is painful to listen to.


Move - 2/10
[Starting off with the Pre-Chorus. Well, it's not the worst thing I've heard, but it's pretty boring. There's no depth to the lyrics. It's basically Tjay is just flexing that he's rich. When actually paying attention to the song, this is painful to listen to, but when it's played in the background, it's not that bad. After the pre-chorus, the chorus ... read more

JID - The Forever Story
JID is taking over, and it become more and more noticeable with every release.

Yeah, this is insane. No skip album for sure. Starting off with the production- well it's amazing. No track has a beat that's boring, thin, or too dull. They're all unique and distinct beats that help the album keep going.
Personally, my favorite beats are from the tracks:
• Lauder Too [I've never heard a sound like this before. This is crazy and worked well with the song]
• Crack Sandwich (first ... read more

Lil Tecca - Treesha
Eh. Better than his previous single, Faster. IMO it would've been better if it wasn't so short. Nonetheless, it was okay, but nothing too special
Lil Tjay - Beat the Odds
Happy to see Tjay back. Hope we get to see more songs around this level on the album.
DJ Khaled - GOD DID
Yeah, this wasn't it.
Cordae - From a Birds Eye View
Jean Micheal - 7.7
[Cordae seems uninspired on this. It's a typical melodic rap song that you could find anywhere. Cordae throws a few good lines here and there, but most of the time you'll find yourself a little bored listening to this]

Super - 8.9
[Damn. Something about Cordae's flow is so unique. It makes you want to constantly revisit this. Everything comes together so well. Nothing feels rushed or out of place throughout the entire song]

Momma's Hood - 6.7
[The verses weren't too bad, ... read more

Mac Miller - Circles (Deluxe)
Right - 10/10
[This felt a little similar to Once A Day. The singing was also on point with this one. Additionally, the second half of the song went crazy. It helps suppress the feeling that the drumset gives. Context about the drum set: For some reason the drum set and kicks were there, and they got me a bit excited, like something was going to happen, but it kept the same vibe. So yeah, the drum set was the only bad part of this song. There were a few other mistakes, but overall it was ... read more
Mac Miller - Circles
Circles - 8.5/10
[This feels pretty depressing overall, and Mac doesn’t say much on this, but it’s aight. Solid instrumental (carries the song)]

Complicated - 9/10
[The singing especially works well with the mood on the song. It feels from the heart while not bringing too much of a depressing vibe]

Blue World - 9/10
[On a beat I’d find surprisingly hard to sing on, Mac pulls through, and it’s great. He’s clear with his words and it’s relaxing to listen to] ... read more

Juice WRLD - Legends Never Die
Conversations - 8.2
[Vibe. Juice's flow and tone slide in perfectly with the beat. Not only does it sound nice, but I love the story within the lyrics (talking about losing fights against demons, and using drugs as his only hope)]

Titanic - 7.9
[This has grown on me a lot since my first listen. It's a little repetitive, but it's not that bad. If you put this in the background, it'll sound a lot better. However, if you really listen, it's not that great]

Bad Energy - 8.4
[I love how the beat ... read more

X Ambassadors - The Beautiful Liar

This album lacked a sense of direction. A lot of the tracks are forgettable and boring, but there are a few good ones. Beautiful Liar, My Own Monster, and Love is Death were the highlights of this album for me.

Logic - The Incredible True Story
Contact - 6/10
[Idk, no lyrics, and the instrumental was mid. Not much to say]

Fade Away - 8/10
[The production behind this was okay, and the hook isn't too special. It's not bad though. However, the top tier verses keep the song together. Whether you pay attention to the lyrics or not, you'll enjoy this]

Upgrade - 8.5/10
[This shit goes crazy at night. The production behind this is amazing, and again, Logic just spits and goes crazy. The flow is unique, and refreshing. The tempo is fast, ... read more

NF - The Search
The Search - 9.4
[I love how the beat helps emphasize the build-up throughout the song. Solid track]

Leave Me Alone - 8.6
[Even though this song keeps a fast pace, NF still effectively delivers his message. I don't fw fast rap that doesn't mean or really say anything, so this is a good pick for me]

Change - 8.5
[For me, this song picked up on the last verse. The chorus never feels too repetitive, though it might appear that way by looking at the lyrics. There were good lines throughout the ... read more

Jack Harlow - Sweet Action
Hit or miss album. It's not the worst project, but it's not great either.
Best to worst:
1. What's Poppin'
2. Hey Big Head
3. I Wanna See Some Ass
4. Smells Like Incense
5. 2Stylish
6. Once May Comes
7. Out Front
Pop Smoke - Meet The Woo
Meet The Woo - 7.7
Welcome To The Party - 8.7
Hawk Em - 7.8
Better Have Your Gun - 8.2
Scenario - 8.8
Dior - 9.4
Feeling - 7.0
PTSD - 8.9
Brother Man - 7.1
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