Daughter - Stereo Mind Game
Maybe when you release an album as good as Not To Disappear it sets a bar too high to ever reach again, especially when it's followed by an album as forgettable as this.
Billie Marten - Drop Cherries
Billie is so chill as a musician that I find it hard to be critical of her projects music-wise - she's what I turn on when I look at trees or dream of living on a sheep farm.
The writing was on the walls, NF was building his catalogue of music to get to a point of limitless corn, infinite cringe, that I'm surprised he has taken that momentous jump from his last mediocre effort to this - his stat line of awful in this album looks like prime Wilt Chamberlain - here's to the next album NF, lets see if you can hit a lower low.
BABYMETAL - Light and Darkness
I'm in awe about how much I enjoyed this!, Suzuka Nakamoto has such a range and it's amazing how well the vocals bend beautifully with the instrumentation, just a fun listen, can't wait for the full release
Sam Smith - Gloria
I love generic pop music, it's my lifeblood and Sam made so much good generic pop music in the past. What kills this album is that it's a collection of generic pop music that has absolutely no soul and there's really nothing worse than that.
Ice Spice knows we won't be able to handle her dropping bars for more than 2 minutes. 10/10
MÃ¥neskin - RUSH!
Enjoyed the tracks on here that were sung only in Italian, it had spank and was fun to listen to. The rest? Rubbish
Katatonia - Sky Void of Stars
I always go into Katatonia with a renewed sense of hope whenever they release a new project, maybe this is the time they make an album as good or even as better as The Great Cold Distance, a project that had such a distinct sound and identity. Unfortunately, we're always given a project like TGCD but never as good and never as innovative, worse still, they tend to be repetitive and stale.
I did enjoy some tracks like Austerity and Impermanence.
Here's to the next album cycle of hope and ... read more
Taylor Swift - Midnights
I can't express the sense of loss and sorrow when an artist can go from "Past the blood and the bruise, past the curses and cries, beyond the terror in the nightfall - haunted by the look in my eyes that would've loved you for a lifetime" to "everyone is a sexy baby and I am a monster on a hill"
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