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this appropriately named EP is a sickeningly-sweet collection of nostalgic twee pop and indie rock. it's clearly copying the likes of dilly dally or liz phair, but it's enjoyable enough of a riot-grrl-type spin to be heard.

apart from the terrible, terrible pacing of the project, every song here has a likable element that gives the song a charm. the worst song, 'superstar', has one of the most poignant choruses of the EP and strong writing. better songs like 'allen street' or 'telephone' ... read more
nanaonsen -
*welfare jazz

like any good art punk album, welfare jazz is so obsessed with being weird that it's become very offputting to many listeners on this website. sometimes its experiments create the most rewarding and enthralling moments of the album, and sometimes they go nowhere and fizzle out. sure, street worms was an off-kilter introduction, but welfare jazz feels like the gloves have come off and any random swerve could be coming. it's sorta weird for the sake of being weird.

the opening ... read more
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although ashnikko's unique blend of pop punk/trap may have been her initial draw, demidevil is a project that unfortunately leans harder on the personality and character of its MC than quality of music. ashnikko sometimes feels like everything she seems to be: edgy, dorky and extremely liberated. other times, beyond some decent empowerment lyrics, demidevil feels like clothing store ambiance.

at least empowering lyrics tend to be ashnikko's strong suit. good or bad, this tape is ... read more
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doom's 'solider' is a vast, worldbuilding piece that reminds me a bit of some of four tet's side projects. although the strings in a lot of the first half could have been redone, this ten minute vibe is surprisingly easy to get lost in.

most impressive is how well doom is able to establish and slide into the groove of this song. around two-and-a-half minutes in, a swell of synthesizers beautifully leads into some of the most easygoing and uplifting trip-hop i've heard this year. apart from a ... read more
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through nine tracks rosa anschütz has extracted a cold but beautiful world and soundscape not in spite of, but because of this record's unsettling assemblage of chamber pop and dark ambient.

with each of its songs matched with a ceramic it makes sense that rosa anschütz's album, a twinkling and often downcast collection of chamber pop ballads, feels like a series of impassioned gifts. each one seems thrown into a void, intended to be caught only by whoever needs it.

the ... read more
Jan 13, 2021
ooh wow you're nana from the aoty discord, hello
Dec 21, 2020
Hello, Nana, I’m Implicit Doom!

If you could hit me up on discord, that’d be cool. I was thinking I could ask you some questions in an interview style?
Oct 21, 2020
Hey! For a list I’m making, what is your feel good album?
Aug 2, 2020
Hey, Nana! I wanted to ask ya something.
Could ya drop to me an album you REALLY love (not necessarily your favorite) and an album you REALLY hate (not necessarily your least favorite)? I've been giving too many 60s/70s these days, gotta change that scale more, and since I follow you, you're the perfect person for this.
Jul 23, 2020
Jul 19, 2020
Yay ur back thanks for the follow!!!🙂🙂
Jun 25, 2020
@nana - I hit a wall while driving. Thanks for the follow! - @daFigz™
Jun 14, 2020
if i followed u and u want a refollow, just comment here! B)
wonder if it was really worth it to wonder
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