Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
May 15, 2020
At the peak of one of the most undeserved streaks of success in the history of music, the trashy MySpace musician once again has shown zero artistic evolution. With her producers not doing nearly as much legwork this time around, the result is a fucking disaster.

I don’t care for the countless reviews here trying to emphasize that this album was made in a month. I do not care.

I’m just listening to a lot of tacky (anthem) and cheaply produced (i finally understand) PC Music runoff, again, but this time it’s frequently padded out with a lot of weird noisy detours and one too many passages where a single phrase recorded by Charli XCX is repeated into redundancy (c2.0 as the worst example.)

Being quickly made, the mixes are whack, the lyrics are some of Charli XCX’s shittiest and the lack of star power across the album prevents even the shocking highlights of previous features on Number 1 Angel or Charli from appearing. I’m just begging for relief from the obnoxious vocals this entire album is filled with, especially when so many songs here chop and loop vocal phrases to fill time.

Expect a lot of horrendous, Geometry Dash-esque production with dumpster truck sounds thrown on top in the name of “experimentation.” The album closer, visions, so breathlessly skitters between the sounds this album has it’s a good test to see if this is your type of jam.

I can say in retrospect that the singles I hated on this project make more sense as they’re mostly the best songs here. The opening stretch, which is mostly composed of them, is propelled by the pace of these songs. I can at least congratulate them for their simplicity and honesty when held to the latter half which has a lot of horrible synth breakdowns coupled with repeated, obnoxiously sung mantras (like party 4 u) that make my head spin asking who the fuck thought they sounded good.

Fuck this album and fuck everything it stands for. And fuck critics since this album will be critically acclaimed anyway.

Favorite song:
i finally understand
Least favorite song:
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May 16, 2020
Very good review. Charli XCX is one of those hive mind's favourite artists. Appreciate this contra view.
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