Yung Jer - Yung Jer 2: Electric Boogaloo
Jun 14, 2020
So who cares about music made to offend, press or upset the listener? Like sure maybe an an artistic statement definitely, we have Buyer's Market... but because the teenage creator is an edgelord? No one cares. Truthfully. And that lack of fucks I give is established within moments of this album's opener, cringe-inducing shit even a Twitter warrior wouldn't blink an eye at.

See, Yung Jer 2: Electric Boogaloo is an album so wrapped up in its own sense of humor that it never checks itself to see if it's funny or not. At points it borders on self-awareness, being a bit self-deprecating, but when an album is so obviously fixated on how it shouldn't exist, I wonder why it exists at all. This isn't a musically impressive creation a la Schmoobin's mixtape released this year... the production quality is shit (I honestly was reminded of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall at points, an MS-DOS game built on MIDI) and nothing about the vocals are is interesting. I guess the tag of "do you watch hentai?" is a bit funny though, so congrats.

And without any redeeming factors, self-aware moments, this project is nothing but an unlikable and unfunny giggling loser shooting the shit over bad production. There's zero understanding of uh, I don't know, anything this album wants to use to compensate for its lack of ability (Yung Jer doesn't provide a single funny punchline here to prove himself as a talented penman) so this honestly exists as a truly and wholly irredeemable project by any musical metric.

But hey look you go through my reviews and you'll see me complimenting tongue-in-cheek, playful albums similar to this one. I can easily compare the production of a track like YOYUNGJERWHEREUBEENAT to a project like Xeno Carr's self-titled mixtape... a project I'm in love with. But this album very importantly lacks any distinct or humorous personality to redeem the lack of ability. I'm reminded first and foremost of shitty and dumb Youtube reactors who scream over Five Nights at Freddie's before I'm reminded of even the shittiest but most charming of Tik Tok randoms. We have a track where we're told if you don't like Yung Jer you can't take a joke... and this is quite a mantra on this project. You'll hear "take a joke" on both Jedi Like Obi Wan and the track following it, Erosion 2. And preemptively creative some defense of your album rings true of insecurity and some understanding that you're pumping out actual fucking trash.

But let's put aside some of these negatives. Let's ignore how this entire album sounds the same, how it sounds like it's made by the kid in class who got bullied because he drew weird shit in his notebook and threatened to shoot up the school, and let's ignore how even beyond how unfunny and unlikeable the emcee is here, we are just listening to a project modeled around people who truly never were told, "please stop," by their peers. What's the positives?

YOYUNGJERWHEREUBEENAT, as I cited earlier, is produced well enough. All Nighter jabs at Kanye West quite humorously, although I'm unsure if the boast of being Kanye West being enhanced by how shit the rapper is is intentional or unintentional. I still found it funny. This same song has a verse cut off by a notification sound from a phone, and the refrain's repetition about pulling an all nighter, something only children are proud of, feels like a glint of self-awareness. This song isn't that bad, by the metrics this album set for itself.

Assuming Jer The Sweatshirt isn't a sample, I like the movement here... it was melancholic before the same shitty rapping appeared over it. Real talk, if you dig Ecco2k, you automatically have to enjoy Jedi Like Obiwan since it's the same type of vocals. It being cut off by Yung Jer claiming he's about to go in is actually hilarious only since it reminds me of a similar moment on Jaden's SYRE. So good job! A broken clock is right twice a day...

Am I biased here? I wanna finally say: fuck you Yung Jer for getting your shitty friends to drop positive scores on this. I can respect a project made for jokes, but I feel like when you're fucking with this website you're just pathetic. I can formally rate this as a 15/100 for the redeeming moments, but let's fight fire with fire by providing you with a 0/100 in response to your idiot friends scores.

For the record: I can take a joke. But you can't crack a fucking smile from me... I'll give you credit for shit that's clever, but nothing here is that impressive. Please graduate before you try to write a joke again, and get your friends off the fucking website.

Favorite songs:
Least favorite song:
The rest. Fuck you.

After a discussion with Yung Jer himself, I've come to understand the score of this album was not his doing. As a result I've raised this album from its initial score of a 0/100 to the deserved 15/100.
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