2020 | Anticipated Albums

As the title settles, a year ends and another starts with new releases and projects, which brings this list of assumptions, hopes, and hype about 2020.

PD: These albums are divided into a sort of hype level which translates into my will to listen to it

PD2: As the year goes, I'll be revisiting this list to laugh at my very wrong first impressions while I try to enjoy the new releases as much as I can and giving some final verdict about this project here.

PD3: this idea I already saw it here, but can't remember the user who made it, my apologies (If you had this idea, just write below and I'll just add it here).

(Based on Hype) Ratings (30)
10/10: 0 (0%)
9/10: 3 (10%)
8/10: 3 (10%)
7/10: 4 (13,33%)
6/10: 6 (20%)
5/10: 4 (13,33%)
4/10: 2 (6,6%)
3/10: 2 (6,6%)
2/10: 0 (0%)
1/10: 0 (0%)
¿?/10: 6 (20%) (albums I don't have any assumptions at all)

The 1975 - Notes on a Conditional Form
Assumptions: this could be easily their worst record if they want to, but this has People so it can't be lower than 60 that's for sure. (I can't deny it, I want to listen to this so bad)

Hype Level: 9/10
Idles - Toneland
Assumptions: I want this already, the more I listen to Mercedes Marxist the more I enjoy it, can't say the same about the other single but still really hyped to start this decade with a new Idles'.

Hype level: 9/10
The Avalanches - [Untitled]
Assumptions: they literally don't have bad songs at the moment, there isn't a strong reason to be unsettled or bothered about their comeback. Nothing else to say.

Hype level: 9/10
Algiers - There Is No Year
Assumptions: Words remain after those singles

Hype Level: 8/10
Noname - Factory Baby
Assumptions: After his immaculate album back in 2018 it's almost impossible not to be excited about her releasing music, can't deny I'm curious if Song 31 and Song 32 will be here still willing to listen to this :)

Hype Level: 8/10
Poppy - I Disagree
Assumptions: we all can agree these new songs from her have been more exciting and charismatic than her previous cheesy (also quirky) songs, Bloodmoney is really good as a single, and the whole aesthetic while unnecessary edgy complements well the ideas put on paper.

Hype level: 8/10
AJJ - Good Luck Everybody
Assumptions: Come on guys, it's folk-punk, what can go wrong? wait what?

Hype Level: 7/10
Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Assumptions: Violence was great tbh, So Heavy... wasn't really outstanding neither bad, My Name Is Dark is also an interesting song, so I am really excited to listen to this (Context may help to understand the songs)

Hype Level: 7/10
Tame Impala - The Slow Rush
Assumptions: I've been really mixed with these singles, liked Patience, outrageously hated Borderline and also liked It Might be Time. It could look like I'm not interested in this, but it calls my attention to how polarized I am about the singles so far.

Hype Level: 7/10
Sky Ferreira - Masochism
Assumptions: Downhill Lullaby was such a big departure from her noisy and vibrant pop songs released on her previous record, where she portrayed this outgoing and edgier personality. It's kind of interesting to see how this turns out with Downhill Lullaby as a single (hope it's a new musical direction).

Hype Level: 7/10
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 4
Assumption: As a good normie, I haven't listened to the other parts yet, still not sure if I can go through this without the rest.

Hype level: 6/10
Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
Assumptions: the first single was cool enough for me to care about this, hope this doesn't get too long (the LP) because this kind of music tends to fall as repetitive and obnoxious at times. I quickly will assume this is going to be good only if it's short.

Hype Level: 6/10
Destroyer - Have We Met
Assumption: I've listened to only the first single and wasn't really crazy about it, don't mind me, it's still Destroyer, it won't be a bad record for sure.

Hype level: 6/10
Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar
Assumptions: Hopefully, this will be ok, the last single he released was entertaining at least, a bit creepy its visual but still overwhelming. I would like to listen more before having any strong assumptions over this, but so far it seems it will be nice.

Hype level: 6/10
Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Assumptions: I'm guessing this is not going to be released this year. I'm not the biggest fan of Carti's music, but all his features on albums like Solange's, Tyler's and Trippie Red's were interesting and even certainly amusing. So, I'm going kinda blindfolded here, maybe I listen to Die lit before this release...

Hype Level: 6/10
Lana Del Rey - White Hot Forever
Assumptions: I want to be honest, I'm not really expecting something greater than NFR from here, *starting with the album name* hope she keeps evolving with this new song and improving her songwriting as much as she did with NFR, (actually wishing this to be released one year more later).

Hype Level: 6/10
Mura Masa - R.Y.C
Assumptions: No Hope Generation wasn't necessarily an amazing track but it was more interesting than what I was expecting, have no high expectations on this, my feeling is closer to curiosity rather than excitement.

Hype Level: 5/10
HMLTD - West of Eden
Assumptions: Because I hate myself, I'm always excited to try stuff from artists I don't enjoy to listen to at all. I wasn't the biggest fan of their praised EP, still enjoyed some moments through this, I am curious to see how they manage to craft their sound into an extended project.

Hype level: 5/10
Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers
Assumptions: the soup man comes back... not excited but at least this cover is nice. To be honest, I want to listen to more about his music since he has some interesting ideas, but still scared of being disappointed (again)

Hype Level: 5/10
Weezer - Van Weezer
Assumptions: just judging by its first single, it will be definitely better than the black album, but that's not really a good compliment, still relieved by their change with this new record, hate the cover, but still willing to listen to this.

Hype Level: 5/10
Black Lips - Sing in a World That's Falling Apart
Assumptions: I'm feeling that I'm definitely gonna dislike this, but I still want to listen to it, because even tho' Odelia bored me, it certainly became a nice track with a few more listens.

Hype Level: 4/10
A$AP Rocky - All Smiles
Assumptions: I'm going to tell you a secret, I'm not a fan of Babushka Boi, still find it funny (I don't know if that was its purpose sorry). Even so, I'd dare to assume only by this track it seems this album is going to have a more funny and interesting direction than his previous.

Hype Level: 4/10
Kesha - High Road
Assumptions: This for sure will not be as good as Rainbow, even the covers can assure that, even so, It seems nice to see her overcoming everything she experienced through past years and coming back to her vibrant and reluctant songs. Sadly, I prefer her piercing ballads over these new songs but I think it's ok.

Hype Level: 3/10
Pinegrove - Marigold
Assumptions: This is going to be boring if it sounds like the singles, I just want to be faithful that this is not the case.

Hype level: 3/10
We Are Only Human Once - Fox
Assumptions: Idk this groups' name caught my attention

Hype level: ¿?
Georgia - Seeking Thrills
Assumptions: nothing yet, blindfolded

Hype Level: ¿?
Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot
Assumptions: only added this one for the cover, still don't have any assumptions over this new project, neither about their previous ones.

Hype level: ¿?
Assumptions: nothing yet.

Hype Level: ¿?
of Montreal - UR FUN
Assumptions: I don't know anything about this artist or record, just want to listen to this blindfolded at the moment.

Hype level: ¿?
Moses Sumney - græ
Assumptions: the same with of Montreal, but with the slight difference that their previous record was praised so this hopefully will reach users' expectations and also probably me, let's hope for the best, I guess.

Hype Level: ¿?
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