Jan 10, 2020
Swimmer so far sounds more promising than my future, those transitions, the vocals, the instrumentals, these guys' music really feel so rich, this is a swarm, charismatic and precious melody.
Jan 1, 2020*
Gotta give it more listens, I definitely wasn't expecting such a stunning project already, but can't complain about it either way. As a summary I'd say it seems promising, I can't entirely get into the last leg of the album but hopefully, with more context and exposure, it will grow on me.

Edit 4/1/2020: this album really confuses me...
Unfortunately, this was one of those cases when the more I listened to the album the more obnoxious it gets.
My short story with this album recalls a ... read more
Dec 20, 2019
Lol, Let's pretend I didn't give this a 65 initially


Summer 17 is great
Dec 17, 2019
Duster's first album in almost 19 years recreates beautifully the hopelessness as an embracing and depressing emptiness that consumes you slowly until the end of your life.

For some people, this record might not be necessarily a memorable listen or a standout piece for the music scene and this feeling is quite acceptable since the sole album was created with the skeptical purpose of being lifeless. Here it comes to mind the uncertain and barely audible vocals that almost get lost with the ... read more
Dec 13, 2019
Harry Styles' sophomore album portrays a more mature and appealing group of songs compared to his previous record "Harry Styles", and even to other ex-1D members projects (cough).

While I wasn't expecting Golden to be the first song, it's not a bad intro to this record at all, it introduces well the passionate and bright songs that made everyone interested in this record (including me). These three songs are very well placed and their follow up through the first leg of the album ... read more
Dec 12, 2019
I seriously tried with this one since It came out, but I just can't deny how uninterested I am about this project in general. Even though I enjoy some of Peggy's songs (such as Puff Daddy) I can't unsee this as just a giant mess of purposeless (random) sounds.
Sadly I couldn't find and share the joy around this album even though I was really expecting to like it and even though I took the time to get into it and formally review it.

In summary, I really appreciated the good reviews about this ... read more
Dec 12, 2019*
I'm aware this came out months ago, but I just couldn't lose the opportunity to express my discontent about the sole existence of this project.

If you have already read some of my reviews there are two things I don't really enjoy about albums and those are incoherence and Long albums, guess what, this album is the best portrayal of how obnoxious these two things are.

But let's see what this has to offer, its name, "No.6 Collaborations" so it means the strong point about this is the ... read more
Dec 10, 2019*
Jesus is King has left the chat.


Even when I'm not a big fan when it comes to Christian music, I can't deny how this album portrays interesting music without being unnecessarily redundant or obnoxious. Every song has its own charisma, the production is better than whatever I've listened to while living in a very religious house for several years, and the progression through the songs are good enough to mention them here. Keep the good work.
Dec 8, 2019
Every single time I listen to Death Grips there's a reminiscent feeling, I always feel like I'm listening to them for the first time even though It's been years since I started listening to their music. It happened when I listened to The Money Store and also with The Year of the Snitch last year and it's happening now. This thing was literally: I don't know what's happening for 28 minutes.

This is probably the only record I've heard on this year that I don't really know how to rate it, this is ... read more
Dec 6, 2019
This project is clear proof of what the Korean Music Industry does to artists in general.

Just take your time to search up in YT her previous singles (All Right for example) with the label "Stone Music Entertainment" and compare it to this. Then, you'll easily understand what I'm trying to say with the previous statement.

While we are aware of how devoided of Artistry and replay value Korean music is since the rise of what we could call Kpop, it's pretty usual to see AOTY users ... read more
Dec 4, 2019*
Deberías escuchar esto.
Dec 2, 2019
These (almost) yearly albums about death are giving me the most painful yet beautiful catharsis I've ever experimented through listening to music.
Nov 22, 2019*
Before getting into this review, I'd like to clear some things up. First I'm not an abid Jazz listener, two, neither an ambient music listener. Three, this review is based on my impressions through this record so it might not be accurate at all (it isn't in fact).


As many of you have said, Memphis is not an easy listen, it may be way too chaotic, messy, and my favorite description so far "an ocean of chaos" since it condenses the feeling of being ... read more
Nov 20, 2019
When I heard this album was being released this year, I just could think about two things: First, some songs we've already listened to in What is This? Second, I never was a fan of that group of demos.

Fortunately, this record lives up its message and sound very passionately in contrast to What is this? Even so its first songs "Hums" and "Annaline" don't mean to me that much, they kind of introduce those extended and quiet intros that we'd see across the whole project so as ... read more
Nov 11, 2019
This record... is music.
Oct 20, 2019*
Along the year, we had the chance to enjoy the singles of what it would shape into Caroline's first LP, Pang. Perhaps it's not necessarily as amazing as the singles portrayed, it shines by an interesting and hypnotic vocal delivery.

Even if I don't entirely enjoy long records (14 tracks), it's nice to see how some artists can create a long record without making it too obnoxious or dull (I know 41 minutes it's not quite long at all I refer to the number of songs). As I mentioned before, the ... read more
Oct 20, 2019
Even If I wasn't a big fan of ENSWBL (part 1), I have to admit it was an interesting and varied record. Conversely, this second part doesn't add anything new or impressing to their discography, compounded mostly by good ideas poorly executed. To me, this album is devoid of the resembling sound and charisma the first part had brought.

Let's briefly mention that this is a 10 tracks project which has two songs that are mostly background music. Additionally, the last one represents 1/4 of the ... read more
Oct 16, 2019
Since I started listening to music the way I do thanks to this website, it has been few times where I'd had dare to say an album has an authentic sound, and I don't think it would be drastically exaggerating if I admit this is what I think authenticity is. This album was so spontaneous as the way I just discovered it when I accidentally got to listen to it yesterday.
Indeed, I just needed to experience All Mine to being fully aware this would be one of those unpredictable albums where you ... read more
Oct 7, 2019
I wouldn't say these visuals are following a certain narrative but sharing unconsciously the same feeling she has been exposed to through these last months.

As many people here, I didn't enjoy "holy terrain" quite a lot, also because it made me think "Magdalene" would be a mix of unnecessary features and genres. But, home with you made me change my mind, following the experimental side of her music, the vocal performance and the main topic about this album I'd dare to say ... read more
Oct 4, 2019*
It's such a pleasure to listen to this whole record, to give this group a new chance since the disappointment that was Is The Is Are. I wasn't expecting to see a good shoegaze record for this year and this just came out to change the game.
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