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Hüsker Dü - Warehouse: Songs and Stories
May 4, 2023
I was pretty excited to listen to Husker Du. I was born and raised in Minnesota. So naturally I love anything from Minnesota. I've never listened to any Husker Du projects before, so before going in I consulted with my dad, asking him if he remembered or ever listened to Husker Du back in the 80s. He remembered them clearly but didn't seem enthused about them. Which then just gives me the idea that he was not a fan.

Warehouse: Songs and Stories was Husker Du's last release as a band. Is this a good album to be introduced to them or not? I wont know until I dive deeper into their discography. But from what I have heard here, I am not particularly excited.

To me this sounds like a less good R.E.M. These songs aren't nearly as catchy. The singing is not overly enjoyable, but also not unbearable.

While some songs sound like R.E.M., other songs sound like Bare-naked Ladies. It seems like Husker Du, as a band did not know which direction they wanted to pull in on their last album. Apparently the band members were fighting while recording this album.

I hope their earlier albums carry a more punk energy.
Seeing as this is their last album, you would THINK it would be their most EVOLVED versions of themselves, Creating their best music. But here's to hoping that's not true, and their early releases are fire.

Did I NEED to hear this?
I'm gonna say no for now. It depends how I like their earlier work.

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I disagree heavily with your opinion
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