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get ready, because lil nas x is ready to storm the mainstream. known previously as a sort of singles specialist, he’s set out to change that by releasing his latest full-length, boasting fifteen tracks and 40+ minutes of content. though the best tracks on the album are still the singles (with the exception of “SUN GOES DOWN”), there are some deep cuts which make his huge album promotion cycle pay off. most notably, the songs with features are extremely catchy, even if they ... read more
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“-the heartbreaking necessity of lying about reality, and the heartbreaking impossibility of lying about it.”
- kurt vonnegut, “cat’s cradle”

review out soon
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man, aoty is weird sometimes. anyway, this absolute behemoth of a record is charli xcx's futuristic electropop opus. by working with the artists and sound engineers at the PC music camp, she's managed to create a vision for the future of mainstream music that isn't too far away. by giving them this platform, she unknowingly paved the path for hyperpop geniuses like dorian electra, 100 gecs, umru, and so many more talented artists. however, this album does retain some electropop stamps, and is ... read more
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brockhampton's debut LP reeks of talent, but it tends to punch under its weight on quite a bit of the tracklist. there are only certain spots where this happens, and generally speaking, the album starts and ends very strong. in fact, the opening three tracks are probably my favorite opening trio of songs on any album, if i remember correctly. they aren't overblown, they have virtually no underdeveloped aspects, and they slap like hell. some members of the group seem to shine a bit less than ... read more
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given his flaws and the way he seemed to never quite reach his true potential on a full-length, i doubted tyler, the creator's ability to create a masterpiece. his production hadn't joined its best parts to reach peak performance, and his rapping was pretty watered down on "Flower Boy". given these prejudices, i came into this album and was blown away. every song has its purpose, its thematics and an instantly memorable instrumental. the unique sound the album achieves through its ... read more
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why were the other three singles even released? this blows them out of the water
nathanaskenazi -
it hurt itself in its confusion!
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sorry to say it, but "IGOR" is miles better than this. yeah, it's good, but the only significant improvements i can find are his lyrical content and feature list. the production is more refined than it was on the infamous "Cherry Bomb", but i would say it's more of a combination of that record's eccentricity and the creativity on "Wolf". there are still plenty of moments on the album where i found myself bored or waiting for something better to hit the track. now, ... read more
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if i want to listen to imagine dragons, i'd like it to be laughingly bad. instead, i was just bored by expecting more when these tracks wasted decent instrumental ideas on dance beats and lyrics for 14-year-olds. dan reynolds' voice is as annoying as ever, and his harmonization skills barely make up for how hard he's trying to sound edgy and unsettling. i'm sorry, but you can't make an album about drug addiction and then make it seem like you've never gone through it. it just makes it sound ... read more
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that's it. drake is officially on my shitty celebrity list. i audibly shouted "THAT ISN'T GOOD" every time drake seemed to be proud of knocking up that many girls. drake stans have absolutely no cop-outs for this hollow shell of a "lover". jesus christ, this is the new pinnacle of misogyny. i didn't want to have to make this comparison, but i can't help it: while kanye seems to be on the right track morally and musically, drake seems to be going the complete opposite way. ... read more
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while it might lack the cultural impact, this is easily the most grandiose and cinematic album to come out since "To Pimp A Butterfly". how little simz managed to get a budget this big is beyond me, but i'm eternally grateful for all the effort she's put into this album since releasing the first single. this completely deserves the AOTY position it currently holds, and i really can't see anyone being completely turned off by amazing lyricism, flow, and charisma from this absolutely ... read more
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i hereby declare you single of the year
nathanaskenazi -
unpopular opinion: i HEAVILY consider this record to be the definitive "IGOR" blueprint. the sense of grandiosity and maximalism that this so desperately tries to achieve is what tyler ended up perfecting on the hit 2019 album. while tyler found his true lyrical calling through "Wolf" and "Flower Boy", the production sound he's most known for today started to come into fruition on here. though they're mostly badly mixed and end up being overblown on half the ... read more
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oh my god, this is light-years better than "Goblin". tyler seems to improve in literally every department on this follow-up to his edgy and half-baked debut. first off, the lyrical content (which, admittedly, was the strongest point on "Goblin") is tons better, with actually good execution coming into account when diving into the story of wolf, sam, salem and the other characters. plus, even though it's still the weakest facet of the record, the feature list is improved with ... read more
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yeah...this album is mostly unbearable. i've decided to do a tyler, the creator deep dive, and the first studio full-length is, well, full-length. lasting a towering 1h13m, it seems like most of the important ideas could've been condensed into 30-40m. instead, we get this completely unlistenable filler on a lot of tracks, unnecessarily stretched to 5+ minute runtimes with little to no variation on the beats. speaking of the instrumentals, the production is dog water on 80% of the tracklist. ... read more
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this just...isn't for me
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this just gets better and better with every time around. not too long after giving this album a 93 on first listen, i found myself returning to standouts like "Athens, France", "Sunglasses" and "Opus" so many times just for the abrupt and crazy moments in between passages. the instrumentals are all so unique and recognizable that they completely outshine the vocal and lyrical content, which is stellar as is. the anxiety and passion that the spoken word passages ... read more
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yeezy back yeezy back yeezy back!! this new kanye album is not disappointing at all. while it might seem to feature-heavy and seems to focus more on the album's impact and image than the music itself, it's still a mighty strong record. some might interpret that the album's release cycle was mainly focused on the clout and might need some tweaking in the future, i think the idea is strong enough as is and the execution is pretty solid. i do get the mixing gripes that people have with the record, ... read more
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too short :(
nathanaskenazi -
what happened after “Colores”? ugh
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