Oct 13, 2019
ıt was much better on live records but still a banger.
Sep 11, 2019
overly formulated with annoying samples. whats with that black guy voices says ''eyy, yeaa, aiight''s in every fucking song. I dont know how I was handle them in my teeange years but it is suffer me when listen today. at least there is some highlights that still listenable.
Sep 11, 2019
this is a trap album that better than many of trap albums lol.
Sep 11, 2019
What genre of music you listening is doesn't matter in here, this is an album that mandatory to listen by every music lover. It is start with one of the most beautiful song of all time and never gave up from that quality until the end of album.
Sep 9, 2019
I am not a rap listener usually but looks like danny's next album is gonna be a listenable album in 2019 for me. this is pure fun!
Sep 9, 2019
okey this is great now you must give that god damn album! enough about wait bitch!
Sep 6, 2019
I can't call as a classic album like Pitchfork, whats with that score!! But this is the most listenable LDR album that suprisingly not bores. Maybe even first time. Ensturmental density is amazing in here lets accept that. She has still not so much adult lyrically but I am enjoying her perfoming and voice in here. Enjoyable and a chill summer album. Why not, ha?
Sep 4, 2019
the production value is freaking amazing in here. this is obvius, song are recorded fairly good with great vocal performance. but no matter how many times listen this album, the songs cant touch me or create unforgettable moments for me. I dont know maybe the problem is me but I cant find reasons for returning this album except ''no ones easy to love'' and ''stay''.
Sep 3, 2019
before listen the whole album I am addicted to this song. It is already gives good ideas about album.
Sep 1, 2019*
after her masterpiece dig for the more than I found this beauty! amazing album that deserse attebtion as titanic rising. there is quite brillant songs like 'used to be', 'seven words', 'away above' and 'diary'.

man I am really proud myself for having a good ears to realize this woman. these albums are best dream-ambient pop experience since beach house.
Aug 26, 2019
I don't know where this is came from never listened her before but for me, this is one of the best dream pop album since bloom. Her voice is magnificent with that synths and piano beauties. An example for combining the amazing production and great performance. What a solid work.
Aug 8, 2019
why everyone puting onions front of me everytime whileI listening this album!? stop that please!
Jul 5, 2019
Whats with the new path of her art direction? I dont know people but I prefer her old style instead of that poor 2000's pop imitation. Even cover art say all. I hope these all are a parody.
May 9, 2019*
The first half of the album is exist with singles that relaesed before the album, that is why feels very boring when you start to listening. But in the second half (actually from Rich Man) album change its shape in more interesting, and colorful way . Also more insturmental. I really love each song in second half. Sometimes you can feel with these songs, they try to break their shell that they has from old albums. My thoughts about singles never changed. They are really dull except ... read more
Apr 16, 2019
This album didnt touch me like their other works but still it is one of the beautiful example of indie rock history.
Apr 16, 2019
I think my score explain everything. This album feels like traveling in fast train that never stop until reach the destination, while you can watch ocean, forest and mountains from window but at the same time you think about your past life, relationships, family, job. And when the album end, you reach your destination while you feel satisfying that you had a good travel.
Apr 16, 2019
This is completely very well made an EP. I think even better than their debut album.
Apr 13, 2019
Wow I'm suprised how people in here hate this about but this is the only song that bring back my interest to new album. It may be longer though.
Apr 13, 2019
Another generic boring shit. I don't know how people love new direction of Tame Impala but Kevin Parker turn their sound into a easy to consume instead of modern classic rock that they have before Currents.
Apr 8, 2019
I am not gonna mention the Rosalia's voice, like everyone. We already meet with in El Mar Querer. I want to mention first that guitarist guy called by Raul Refree. His insturmental skills really impressed me as Rosalia's performance. This album feels almost as a two album with this two great talent. Without Rosalia this could be still a great album in insturmental/folk genre. But of course Rosalia makes these experience more majestic.

I hope Rosalia always keep in this way in her career but ... read more
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