Jul 12, 2018
c00l c4nt w41t
Jul 6, 2018
who gives a friggen frick about an oxford comma
Jun 29, 2018
michael didn’t die for this
Jun 28, 2018
makes my heart happy
Jun 23, 2018
oop I’m pregnant now
Jun 16, 2018
a fun game: try and say cops shot the kid 5 times fast
Jun 13, 2018
i fell asleep to this album so i guess we're pretty serious now
Jun 10, 2018
Jun 9, 2018
name a more iconic duo
Jun 7, 2018
who needs human intimacy when u can just listen to this album
Jun 7, 2018
all of a sudden takin drugs together is the most romantic idea
Jun 1, 2018
WHY AM I crying in the club rn
May 27, 2018
if u cover up paul simons face it looks like art garfunkel has a rly long funky moustache
May 25, 2018
indie white girls live to see another day
May 25, 2018
distorted records - A$AP grips
May 25, 2018*
production is tasty

lmao that lift yourself reference I lost my composure
May 23, 2018
honestly I just came out for a good time and lil pump shows up ??
May 22, 2018
wussup here to join the circle jerk
May 20, 2018
I rly like this album but now it gives me ptsd so -5 points
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