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Rafa (he/him) A place to find all my lists!
I enjoy reviewing music occasionally.
BLACK | 23 | Still in my "I only listen to critically acclaimed albums" phase <60 bad 60-69 meh 70-79 could be better 80-89 good to great 90-99 amazing 100 masterpiece /not necessarily perfect
Strawberry Jam
I give out too many 100's. 100: Masterpiece 90: Amazing 80: Really good 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Meh 40: Bad 30: Really bad 20: Terrible 10: Dog shit 0: The absolute worst
DOWNTOWN WITH MY FAMILY VOWS Enjoyer of experimental hip-hop, post-punk, and Ichiko Aoba. If you disagree with my opinion, then you are wrong. Sorry. I don't make the rules. Library is vinyls Liked = Albums I wanna listen to Based Account --> I have absolutely no association with the linked account 🙅
Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Nome: Francisco Reviews diárias. Eu amo música, então chego a ouvir 4 álbuns em um dia. Não ouço muita coisa ruim, então a quantidade de 80 ou 70 é bem mais abundante. No máximo um 60 ou 50. Eu ouço todo tipo de coisa. 100: Não existe essa maravilha 90-99: Obra de arte 80-89: Excelente 76-79: Muito Bom 70-75: Bom 60-69: Aceitável 50-59: Meh 40-49: Ruim 30-39: Muito Ruim 20-29: Péssimo 10-19: Horrível 0-9: NÃO OUÇA ISSO JAMAIS
i like Everything Everything and Autechre and yup that's pretty much it :P. I'm not a reviewer, so many of my ratings will just be first impressions or like a diary of my listening log. My job is not to listen to an album multiple times to be able to write a review of it, so I will only listen to an album multiple times if I like it or want to understand it on a deeper level. 6-10 is varying levels of positivity, 5 is middling, 0-4 is varying levels of negativity.
The Court of the Crimson King
My friend says that I've ruined music because I review it analytically (same guy said he’d give LYSF a 3). I use my library as a list of albums that I want to listen to in the future. My reviews are worse than Corey Feldman's "Angelic 2 The Core". **RATING SYSTEM** A+ = 95-100 A = 90-94 A- = 85-89 B+ = 80-84 B = 75-79 B- = 70-74 C+ = 65-69 C = 60-64 C- = 55-59 D+ = 50-54 D = 45-49 D- = 40-44 E = 30-39 F = 0-29
Seoul, Korea
im catboy now he/him Korean
Suggest an album for it to be featured in my "listening to a new album" list:) Letterboxd: he/him wacky ass ambient experiment: IG: angusvedder Welcome! Here you will find half-assed reviews and biased ratings on King Gizzard. Can't help it! Library is my vinyl collection
Hage Hage is the only song
The singles account for RakkSmells so I don't clog up my ratings for that account. Y'know, I'm all about keeping things organized. It's also my excuse to make lazier reviews. Only occasionally will I do a full-on review on this account
I am the greatest reviewer... If you don't count everyone else on the site. I still make my girl listen to a lot of trash. My GF: theaxx 💎 💜❤️
1000??? wtf??,
he/they instagram: anthonyfantanobutgood 98-100: masterpiece 90-98: amazing 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: decent 50-59: boring 40-49: bad 30-39: very bad 20-29: horrible 10-19: could barely listen 0-9: reserved for people who a. are assholes or annoy me b. could do way better c. are tones and i
Catboy moment
I'm Caleb and I'm a stupid kid with nothing better to do in my free time than listen to music and praise the garbage music I like. 100: personal favorites 90-99: masterpiece 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: ok 50-59: meh 40-49: pretty bad 30-39: really bad 20-29: absolute garbage 10-19: unlistenable 1-9: ajr 0: onision
Cincinnati, Ohio
I dump scores sometimes Old account was AmericaanSpirit My MAL
she/her | music noob | beyond-amateur at writing
South Africa
Hi, music is proof that gems in the form of art can be dug up from anything and everything a person experiences during a lifetime, I'm glad I'm here to witness it. I'm a poet who just so happens to enjoy reviewing music. (Thank you for 300 followers. I love this community)
#5 on most following.
If I follow you, it means you exist.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hello, I'm 17 years old and a huge fan of a lot of kinds of music, mostly focused on 80s/90s right now tho. ~ !! Rating system !! You know the drill: 100: ultimate favs 90s: also amazing, more of my favorites 80s: great, a lot of replay value, but not a fav 70s: good, nothing special 60s: decent, worth a listen 50s: mediocre 40s: bad 39 & under: garbage. please avoid.
World's largest bouncy house
ɪ ᴊᴜᴍᴘᴇᴅ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴀ ᴍᴇᴀᴛ ɢʀɪɴᴅᴇʀ
I like dogs and music. No self promo in my shoutbox cause das annoying
thank you for 500 followers!!
100: masterpiece 95: great 90:good++ 80-85: good 60-70: nice 50-55: average 40-45: not good :( 25-35: bad 1-20: garbage
Listened to 1,200+ 2020 albums and did a Top 100 this past year (follow selfhatinghipster on Instagram for the photographic countdown). I plan to do the same for 2021...
São Paulo
Nome: Lucas Idade: 20 Gosto muito de ouvir músicas de vários gêneros, não sei fazer reviews bem elaboradas, então apenas dou a nota para cada música, eu também adiciono faixas bônus I like to listen music of diverses genres, I don't know to make a good review, so I only rate each track of album, I also add bonus tracks in my reviews. Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift and Björk Obg pelos 200 seguidores / Thank U for 200 followers ❤
human, born in the booming years of the last century, playing music and listening to music for half a century. I listen to anything that touches me, still curious... I usually hate music as a tapestry satisfying my need to hear sounds that keep me safe due to cliches I already heard before. Most of my ratings will be very good as I mostly rate things that I want to support due to their quality. I will skip most of my dislikes as long as I´m not confronted by them on a daily basis (tx kids)
Komm, süßer Tod
He/Him; Introvert Open to recommendations. Rating Scale: 10 - Inimitable Masterwork 9 - All-time Favourite 8 - Favourite 7 - Fantastic 6 - Great 5 - Solid 4 - Okay 3 - Bad 2 - Horrible 1 - Trash Library = Digital Collection *Not writing reviews for a while. **Some scores are dated. Refer to RYM for the updated scores.
Dream House
- French Toast - I just rate music. I post memes on Instagram _____________ _____________ ** Follow me on Instagram ** @fantano_holding_memes
Alky twink
Greatest artist of all time I'm totally open to some self promo and random recs so hit me up.
All my ratings are correct and accurate
KKB stan
I like music and yes I'm actually 13. 100: perfect album that also resonates with me personally or is just really mindblowing 95-99: perfect album 70-94: really enjoyable 51-69: would be more enjoyable if it wasn't for some major flaws 0-50: not enjoyable
wiggidy flippidy flibbidy siggidy bibbidy
Beijing, China
only logging new music and all time favorites here
Tromsø, Norway
I sorta write my reviews as open letters, but I can't really afford a therapist so get the hell out of me, will ya? Came from rym to here and intend to stay. I "review" essentially every album I listen to in full. I don't really rate albums I dislike, so if you're here to see what I "hate", I'm sorry to disappoint you that you won't see that too often. Unless...
El Salvador
I rate music because I'm sad. Reviews and sht at on Ig.
Traditional and classical music lover, jazz-collector, experimental music fan... 90+= Excellent/ Personal * 80/85= Remarkable/ Excellent 70/75= Acceptable * 60/65= Tolerable * 50/55= Unacceptable 40/45= Terrible -45=Horrendous *not updated -Rating only new records- RYM (mostly for lists or ratings of older records): YT Channel:
I collect chickens from different parts of the world. I often write under the influence of shrooms. I usually give very high ratings, because I really enjoy music.
Louis ☕
My mum taught me internet safety when I was little
currently binging the AOTY Top 100 massive record collection that is too big and I don't have the time to document it all, sorry i dont have any accounts on the main social medias... only letterboxd and this site he/him if it's under 40 i didn't enjoy it 40-60 is decent everything 60+ is great 80+ is all-time favourites
Walthamstow, London, UK
Contributor at Beats Per Minute
Behind You
19 | Tired Update: moving to RYM:
My Rating Description - 96 - 100 = Beyond Amazing and in All-Time Greats List. 91 - 95 = My favorites and excellent in that particular genre. 86-90 = Critically Great albums and might come into my favorites in the future. 81-85 = Beyond Enjoyable cause of Higher and Better Quality. 80 = Enjoyable, Entertaining/Pleasant. 75-79 = Nice! 70-74 = Satisfying. 65-69 = It's okay! 60-64 = Hmm...I didn't mind that. 50-59 = Disappointing. 40-49 = Nope. 30-40 = Wasted my time. 30 <= Trash!
"Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man".
hey lol
i don't know how people work so i rely on music instead. my ratings don't really mean much, i mostly just use this to keep track of what i listen to. (17, any pronouns)
shamelessly shares a birthday with F♯A♯∞ i grew up an edgy florida boy who liked edgy music and then one day i played some pink floyd and was like whoa then my whole world changed for better or worse i guess. profile pic made by:

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