Yeasayer - Erotic Reruns
Jun 11, 2019
On the Brooklyn trios 5th release “Erotic Reruns ” they take a step away from the unsuccessful experimentation of there previous album to create something fun and catchy, its nothing groundbreaking but at least it doesn’t suck.

Yeasayer should have been an indie music household name. They have the talent and ambition to create a truly brilliant album but unfortunately they’ve always got into here own way. The closest they’ve come to something great was their first release “All Hour Cymbals” it had some very promising moments with tracks like “2080”, “forgiveness” and “Wait for the summer” the group toured heavily off there first two releases and became summer favorites with appearances at multiple music festivals. unfortunately as time went on there creativity diminished and there sound began to sound stale

With the release of Erotic Reruns the group shows a spark of hope, a rebirth into a more catchy direction. Focusing heavily on smooth bass lines, and melodic vocal harmonies there is a very upbeat tone throughout the entire album. It feels like a refreshing change of course for a band that had little left to say. The album May not contain a moment that stands out above the others but overall this is a step into the right direction.
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