AOTY 2023
Momma - Interloper
I love the dark, mysterious atmosphere and production of this album, it's pretty unlike anything in the band's discography, and i really like it, the instrumentals are great, the vocals are amazing, the album ends on the right point. The only thing i can say that is somewhat negative is some weaker songs like "Signed Hunter" and "Belong in the Bed", but otherwise. I really like this one. A lot.
FAVORITE SONGS: Sidewalk, Capable Type, Turf War, Pipe Thing, Interlooper
Slow Pulp - Yard
I really like the lo-fi production of this album. The heavier (aka: songs with guitar distortion) are pretty nice. The ballads are also great. I especially love "Gone 2" and "Broadview". And i really like Emily Massey vocals in here. The album is also on point duration wise, it's neither too long nor too short. It ends at the right time (something many albums don't really do nowadays). The middle section of the album is kind of underwhelming but that's the most negative ... read more
Glitterer - Life Is Not a Lesson
I really just don't care for anything in this album. It has it's moments, there are some cute songs here and there, but nothing is very memorable, the writing is pretty generic and the production is mediocre. Not the worst album ever, but really nothing special about this.
Best Songs:Are You Sure?, Bodies, Try Harder Still
Duster - Remote Echoes
It doesn't really sounds like Duster. Like i can't really explain it. But it sounds like a band that sounds like Duster. But not really LIKE Duster. It has a few good songs though

Favorite tracks:Moon in Aries, Untitled 84, Darby.

King Krule - Space Heavy
King Krule is one of the most interesting artists of the last 15 years to say at least. His eclectic style, mixing, post-punk, indie rock, jazz, psychedelia and R&B makes his songs a very interesting experience that can be seem in what is considered by many as his best album, 2017 “The Ooz”, in songs like “Dam Surfer”, “Biscuit Town” and it’s title track. Now, it’s been 3 years since he released his last studio album. The Excellent “Man ... read more
Squid - O Monolith
It’s been 2 years since British post-punk band Squid released their debut album. “Bright Green Field”, which was one of my favorite albums of 2021, with it’s experimental, bass-heavy post punk sounds and krautrock influences, with songs like “G.S.K”, “Narrator” and “Pamphlets” staying in my playlist for the rest of the year.

They were the only band from the windmill 3 that didn’t release an album in 2022, with Black Country, New ... read more

Swans - Los Angeles: City of Death
It's great song, with a great atmosphere (like most great swans songs). I really liked this "The Great Annihilator" era sound (which i love) and i really like to see it back. Although i have to say, This song takes a little too long to go somewhere, and the somewhere is not really that big to justify it's length. But other than that it's a great song, it's a grower, i don't think it works that well as a single, but i really like this.
Horse Jumper Of Love - I Poured Sugar in Your Shoes (Last Night Version)

I like this song, the lo-fi feeling is nice, the vocals are pretty okay, the lyrics are cute, the melodies are great. I don't have anything technical or critical to say why i like this to be honest, i just vibe with this song a lot. So yeah, it's it.

Kikuo & Hatsune Miku - きくおミク7 [Kikuo Miku 7]

Already one of the best albums of the year. Beautiful melodies, beautiful synthetic vocals, amazing, insanely well-written lyrics, the production is also crazy and super creative. Almost everything here is simply a joy to listen to (Almost because i think "My Time" is kind of a bummer). Simply almost perfect. Really recommend.

BiSH - Bye-Bye Show
I Actually like this a lot. I didn't expect this.

I stopped listening to BiSH after the spectacle of tryhard mediocrity that was "Carrots & Sticks", and i got increasingly bummed by their attempts to sound and look "edgy" and "punk" when they're literally signed to Avex and made half of the OP songs one of the most popular non-seasonal anime of the last 5 or so years. But hey, i like this, the riffs are fun, the vocals are alright, the lyrics are a bit too ... read more

Yikii - Crow-Cyan Lake 鸦青湖畔
This shit is horrifying.

No, for real, this album feels haunted, it genuinely feels like there's a tormented ghost in some parts of the album. This of course is because not only of the amazing production and vocals, but the morbid lyrics, the weird off-putting atmosphere, the COVER. Everything here has a genuinely haunting atmosphere, and in some points it becomes genuinely uncomfortable to listen to it.

It's a very good album, it nails the dark atmosphere it tries to convey. It's not a very ... read more

Këkht Aräkh - Between Eerly Howls of Wind
Pretty boring and generic black metal. The Japanese mythology inspired lyrics are cool, and some of the riffs hit right, but overall it's just pretty ordinary. This type of raw, traditional black metal honestly gets old really quick.
Overkill - The Surgeon
Almost everything i want in a Overkill song, great fun riff, a great guitar and bass sound, pretty good (but a little generic) lyrics, absolute delight to listen to, i see another hit for a discography with very few misses coming.
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom - Edge of the Edge
With a big surprise, i announce everyone that i like something Animal Collective related.

I like this, it's a cute, silly Beach Boys-esque song, the vocals are pretty good and fit with well with the song, the production is pretty good, the lyrics are a bit too silly but it works well, i like the vibe of this song, i don't think it has a big musical lasting impact for me, and i don't think i will listen to it very often, but yes, it's pretty good, i like it.

Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Aquamarine
Love this song, absolutely infectious beautiful beat, great flow, amazing production in general, the rapping is absolute top notch, from both Danger Mouse and Black Thought, the lyrics are well written, very well phrased, but honestly they kind of flew over my head (yes i'm stupid), doesn't change the fact that this is an almost perfect song and i really like it a lot.
Nicki Minaj, Maluma & Myriam Fares - Tukoh Taka
The world cup of 2022, hosted by Qatar, was in my opinion one of the best world cups of all time, almost every game was an absolute joy to watch, and the finals was one of the best football games i have ever seen. This song, however, is a stupid dumpster fires i have heard this year. The instrumental is very basic, very barebones, very boring, the productions is really nothing interesting, this "tukoh taka" thing is really annoying, i can't say much about the vocals, they're generic, ... read more
Rina Sawayama - This Hell
This song is not for me, but i still think it's pretty good, i like the melody and the instrumentals, i think they're pretty catchy, the vocals like always are pretty great, i think the production is a little too overproduced, but other than that it's a pretty good song, also the lyrics are nice. Yeah, i like it, it's fine.
Paramore - This Is Why
Another song i really like, great, amazing, high energy, 70s-80s esque new wave song, the melodies are groovy and catchy and infectious, the vocals are on top, i really like the lyrics, the production really ties this song together in a very good wear, everything is perfectly on ears, and i really like it overall, i don't know exactly what the flaws are, but sure there are flaws somewhere, it's not a perfect, but anyway i really like this.

It's so weird to think they started as a emo band.

Weyes Blood - It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody
This song is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful, everything is beautiful about it. I don't really know what more to say about this song, i just think it's genuinely gorgeous, the production is algo very good and works really well, i think that's about it, It's genuinely beautiful.
Arctic Monkeys - There'd Better be a Mirrorball
I like this song, and i really expected to like it, i mean i like Lana Del Rey (it sounds more like Weyes Blood though), so yes, it was expected,

I think the instrumental is beautiful, i really like the vocals here, the entire thing has a great 60s-70s wall of sound style of production that i like, the lyrics are quite of a bummer, it's just another underwritten love song, which honestly is a little disappointing, but other than that, i can't complain, pretty good song, the lyrics are ... read more

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