Imagine Dragons - Deep Cuts
Jan 15, 2021
Imagine Dragons has uploaded a bunch of old songs and demos to their website that can be accessed using the password 'anagram'. OG fans may already know about these songs but it's good that the band acknowledged these and gave them some exposure. They also shared a free documentary about Making of Smoke + Mirrors which was pretty good.

1. All Eyes: This one is very catchy. Is actually from their second EP called Hell and Silence. I love the intro rap verse with the tongue twisters.
2. All for you: A very calm and soulful song. I love the multiple transitions in sound in this track.
3. Darkness: another nice simple acoustic guitar based song.
4. Destination: I'm gutted they didn't include the studio demo and instead put the acoustic version. But still the demo is easily one of the best unreleased songs by them. Sounds very nostalgic for some reason and the guitar solo is pretty great. They perform it even better live.
5. Emma: Another Hell and Silence EP song. Love the cafeteria vibe this song. It's an earnest and beautiful love song.
6. February: This is actually a demo. Love the lyrics on this one.
7. Lost Cause: Extremely emotional song. Dan's strong vocals shine on this track.
8. Lovesong: wow I'm surprised they could make a version that I prefer even more than the original. The violins in this are everything
9. Not Giving In: Starts slow and then progresses into an epic outro using all kinds of instruments like xylophone.
10. Pantomime: Probably the best song in this collection. I love the scale change in the chorus. Dan can really belt it out.
11. Stand By Me: these guys are really talented lol. Love this cover of the Taylor Swift song. Daniel Platzman the drummer can be seen using 3-4 instruments at the same time if you watch the video of this cover.
12. Take My Heart Away: this is one of Dan's demos from his twitch sessions. It really has a lot of potential and is already a banger.
13. Thirty Lives: Another bummer that they chose to add the acoustic version rather than the studio demo. The demo is a fantastic song. A very emotional song with some great guitars.

Overall, it's a great set of demos and songs. The other guy slapped a 0 just for the sake of it being Imagine Dragons. Big L.
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