Top Down and Same Energy are some of the best rap songs ive heard in a second
Bones - BasketCase
Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North of Richmond
Americans try not to fail at geography (they don't know Washington DC is north of Richmond hence the song title)
Gunna - a Gift & a Curse
weirdly good. too long tho.
$uicideboy$ - YIN YANG TAPES: Fall Season (1989-1990)
hope they keep releasing these idc pr good short tape.
"feel like hillary with all these killers on my payroll"
"blowing thru this money like democrats"
"just kill em all they gon blame sam hyde"

what did suicideboys mean by this

Bones & Eddy Baker - JonesPeak
goofy aah tape. SaturdayNightFever as well as the first part of the tape hit really hard but there are some duds on here. You can tell this was definitely a tape made by two friends messing around in the studio and it was fun to hear something this carefree.
Bones & GREAF - TheWitch&TheWizard
Kelela - Raven
this was so boring
i can understand him booooo
Mori Calliope - SINDERELLA
this stuff is made in a lab
Bones - 2MillionBlunts
i loved this lol
Xavier Wulf - Blood Shore Season 3
Actually some of the best stuff he’s dropped period. After being bad for so long.
Lil Darkie - LOST SONGS
nowhere near a 2.9/10 lmao
Within Destruction - Lotus
This absolutely slaps
Bladee - Spiderr
Imagine he grabs ur balls like he is grabbing that berry
HM333XO - The Devils Diary
Cannot recommend this enough. Insanely well produced vocals. Hyperraps Don Toliver
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On 6ix9ine - GOOBA
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On Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes
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On Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes
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On Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes
"I did listen to this y’all. And it proved to me Drake has been the most overrated guy to ever exist. The only tape I throughly enjoyed from this man was If Youre Reading This. This guy does nothing new of great and has never done anything unique. His old music is dated and boring. And I’m not saying this as a “only white girls listen to drake” hate sort of way. I have sat down and listened to drakes discog time and time again and I’ll I see are filler and boring tracks. This man has one of the worst discography’s in music "
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On MySoftBulletin's review of Eminem - Revival
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