Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
Feb 5, 2022
Ants From Up There is an album that came at a specific moment in my life, a moment that has helped me to appreciate it in a more personal and reflective way, plus I have been able to listen to this album watching the sea and it has felt like an introspective journey in me, so it has touched bottom in me and I think this album could be my AOTY of this year, so I will tell you before continuing with my review, a little story of mine.

While I have always been of the idea that albums or rather music should generalize something in me, but there is also music that is usually listened to in certain moods or there is also music that I appreciate in a better way when I feel a certain way and I have 2 albums that I usually turn to them when I feel emotionally devastated, these albums are: "Uboa - The Origin Of My Depression" and "Lingua Ignota - SINNER GET READY". These 2 albums are albums that are in a way my "refuge" so to speak and while I used to think that I could not find an album that could break the barrier of making me feel like in a "comfort zone" and that's when Ants From up There arrives, because while the other 2 albums I only turn to them when I feel really bad, this album feels sad but it is a reflective sadness, because it makes me feel, remember and think about everything I had to go through to get to where I am today and the person I have been able to become, although this is something extremely subjective, I want more people to listen to this album, because although for me it has been an album that has made me feel so much and I hope that more people give it a chance, because I feel that the emotional factor is really important when enjoying the music, I can only thank a great friend who showed me this band when they released their previous album and I have no words to thank him for showing me this band, because I know he will read this review and although we may not be the best friends or the closest people but he is one of the most important people in my life and to tell him that I love him is an understatement for all the feelings I have, but the fact that he has shown me this band, makes me value this album even more and I really feel happy to say that this album despite being highly emotional, is a beautiful album and makes me feel that everything bad is worth it, no matter how bad you are, always but always later the sun will come out and you could smile again, because bad things don't last forever <3.

Now talking more about the album, I must say that Black Country, New Road not only raises the bar in their musical quality, but they also manage to transmit so much either with their lyrics, rhythms and the cohesion that this project has, because although their first album was a pleasant surprise in its time, this album manages to improve in every area, I feel that every song, I feel that every song, every rhythm, every lyric is well executed and the band manages to unify in such a precise way to deliver an outstanding album that I believe will not leave anyone indifferent, although I don't usually review an album so soon, I have already listened to it 5-6 times and yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about this album and everything it has meant to me, so my review is looking for more people to listen to it and I would love to know that more people can feel as much as I could feel with this album, because for me music is part of my day to day life and maybe not everyone enjoys it or sees it the same way I do, but I hope someone else can feel this album and "click" as I did, it really has been one of my most emotional reviews and I want to thank again my great friend Rodrigo for showing me this band and showing me this page, I have been able to discover a lot of music and meet people who have recommended me amazing music, so thank you all very much, keep listening to music, this is one of the most beautiful hobbies <3

Great Review!
Amazing review mate
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