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Mariah Carey - Rainbow
Rainbow is my favorite Mariah album and my favorite album of all time, yes, I know it's an odd pick for favorite album of all time but I don't care!
Rainbow was created in a very short span of time, after releasing her first greatest hits compilation in November 1998, she still owed Sony one final album, so she rushed to record the album and it was done in 6 weeks, while for some this is the cause of the album not being as great as butterfly, for me, it's one of the many reasons why I love and ... read more

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Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Another amazing album by Radiohead, I must admit that after 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' I wasn't sure how they were going to follow those two album up, since they were so amazing and I remember the first I time listened to this, I didn't get it but as time has passed I started to get it and now it has become one of my favorite Radiohead albums, to me, the main 'attraction' of this record it's the production, it's by far my favorite production on a Radiohead album, it's so different from everything ... read more
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Though considered by most as "Kid A's B-Sides", this album is more than capable of standing on its own, it's a record that isn't as sonically captivating as their previous albums but it's one that experiments with different vocal productions and even though not every song is amazing, I give them props for not sticking to what they know.

Highlights: You and Whose Army?, Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box, Pyramid Song & Knives Out.

Radiohead - Kid A
The fact that this album divided their fans back then is wild to me, sure it's very different from what they've done but l've always believed Rock ends up evolving into Electronic music.
This record is phenomenal, production wise it sounds amazing, props to anyone involved because this record is amazingly produced and it matches the song themes perfectly, Thom's voice sounds great as always but on this record it feels like he was more vulnerable than Ok Computer, there's something about the way ... read more
Radiohead - OK Computer
One of the best albums in history.

This album is on my top 10 albums of all time, so i might be a bit biased when it comes to rating this but i don't care, to me this album is perfect, every song is amazing, i'm a sucker for sad and slow songs so this album is my dream come true but it's also an album that got me through a hard time so i love it for that.

The songs on this record are so well written, tackling topics such as death, insanity and what it was at the time the 'Modern British ... read more

Radiohead - The Bends
With their second album, Radiohead was able to prove everyone that they were a band capable of creating a good body of work, prior to this they had released an EP called 'My Iron Lung' which is a great EP with good songs and it sort of paved the way for this record. Here the band is much more comfortable with themselves in the studio and it shows, the way the songs progress is so smooth and almost peaceful, this is for sure one of their best albums.

Highlights: (Nice Dream), Planet Telex, High ... read more


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Love your pfp!
Hey Jorge, I just dropped a new axolotl album, would appreciate if you checked it out, if not that's fine too!
thank you for the follow !!
A Moon Shaped Pool is so good!
Hullo Jorge, I just posted my 600 follower special, mind checking it out?
(let me know if you want me to shut up and not send these things, I won't do it again then :))

you've probably the most unique music taste on this site lmao, everyone else is bumping Radiohead or something but you're bumping Britney, respect


19 ; he/him. just for fun! (i'm gay so if you see me enjoying the most basic pop star don't mind me)

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