Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
Jun 4, 2021


My favorite indie rock band is finally back with their third album, Blue Weekend.

If you’re following me for a while now, you might have noticed that I got a bit obsessed with this band lately. I listened to their first 2 albums well over a year ago, but my obsession really began just a couple of weeks before Blue Weekend was announced.

I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I will try. You know when you listen to a certain artist or album that you like, but just on the regular. A song from them comes on, you like it, and you move on. And then all of a sudden you just start to absolutely love it and want to listen to the entire album again, and more songs from the artist, and everything just starts to click and you’re thinking… yeah this is the best thing in the whole goddamn world.

Yeah I explained that very badly but whatever, it’s essentially what happened to me. They really went from being just a good indie band to one of my all-time favorites. Not long after my obsession began, they announced Blue Weekend, which I immediately pre-ordered on vinyl with a signed poster (AAAAAAAAA) (edit; I now also bought a personally signed copy AAAAAA)

With every new single that they released, I became more and more confident that this was going to end up being my AOTY. I just knew Wolf Alice was the only artist capable of doing that (unless Lorde drops soon obviously). The three singles they released were also stylistically all pretty different so I was really excited to dive into this and see what they deliver on their third album.

Maybe it was just all the hype and excitement I had going to this, but I have never had such an expressive reaction to an album before, before the first song even ended, I couldn’t stop crying my eyes out. I think just all the nervousness and excitement I had going into this was just coming out all at once.

I knew the album was going to be a bit more emotional and lowkey, so I was preparing myself to that sound to not be disappointed if there aren’t many ‘’bangers’’. And I was right, this might be their most dreamy and emotional and probably diverse record thus far.

It’s hard for bands to switch up their sound because there’s always gonna be some complaining. And that’s most likely going to happen with this one too, if you were a fan of the more alt-rock and grunge songs of the debut, you might not fully enjoy this. But what I like about Wolf Alice, even if they go in this more lowkey and emotional sound, there’s always some room for other stuff. ‘’Smile’’ and ‘’Play The Greatest Hits’’ for example, compare those two bangers to songs like ‘’No Hard Feelings’’ and ‘’Safe From Heartbreak’’, completely the opposite.

I guess there really is a little something for everyone here, if you loved ‘’Don’t Delete The Kisses’’ from Visions Of A Life, you’re probably gonna love ‘’How Can I Make It OK?’’. If you loved ‘’Yuk Foo’’ from that album too, you’re probably going to have a blast with ‘’Play The Greatest Hits’’. If you have always liked their softer side, well you’re probably going to like a majority of the album.

Blue Weekend literally goes from fingerpicking folk to expressive punk rock, to progressive chamber pop but manages to stay cohesive and make up for a wonderful album experience from front to back. Wolf Alice evolves their sound to the next level on Blue Weekend, but there’s always room for a bit of variety and even throwbacks to their older works. I’m excited to see where the band is going next.

Also yes, this is now my AOTY. What did you expect? lol

Favorite tracks: All of them except least favorite

Least favorite: Safe From Heartbreak (will probably grow on me)
Track Ratings
1The Beach / 90
2Delicious Things / 95
3Lipstick on the Glass / 100
4Smile / 90
5Safe From Heartbreak (if you never fall in love) / 75
6How Can I Make It OK? / 95
7Play the Greatest Hits / 90
8Feeling Myself / 85
9The Last Man On Earth / 100
10No Hard Feelings / 90
11The Beach II / 95
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Jun 4, 2021
Jun 4, 2021
I am a simple man. If Mees says it's a banger, I listen. That is all.
Jun 4, 2021
Great review! I agree this is a very versatile album but at the same time it's loyal to the fans!
Jun 18, 2021
Mad love for this band
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