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(album recommendation from @riley)

Damn, I'm really blown away by how good this is. The production is so melodic and longing, and as other people have already said, this is the perfect soundtrack for a heartbroken lonely night. Some parts also really remind me of The Police, specifically Every Breath You Take. This is peak 80s right here, and I will definitely raise my score if I return to this often.

I would have never listened to this if it wasn't for Riley, so thank you!
Nightwing734 -
its ok
Nightwing734 -
You really expected me to like this, Doom?

I mean, it's far from the worst thing I have ever heard but I would actually prefer a bunch of shitty nu-metal albums over this, and that's not a compliment at all. This is just too obnoxious and annoying for me, it literally got worse with every song. It just feels like an demo album of random annoying ideas thrown together.

Luckily I gave you the best nu-metal album ever in return for our swap. :trollface:
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My favorite indie rock band is finally back with their third album, Blue Weekend.

If you’re following me for a while now, you might have noticed that I got a bit obsessed with this band lately. I listened to their first 2 albums well over a year ago, but my obsession really began just a couple of weeks before Blue Weekend was announced.

I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I will try. You know when you listen to a ... read more
Nightwing734 -
This just makes me wanna listen to the arctic monkeys debut, they did this sound it way better
Nightwing734 -
EDIT: no fred durst feature 1/10

Nightwing734 -

I didn't think this would be THAT bad but jesus christ this is definitely one of the worst nu-metal albums I have ever heard, everything about this is awful, especially the vocals and the horrendous production. This is just a bland copy of other nu-metal bands from that time like Static x, Korn, and even Deftones. There's also a 40-second islamophobic interlude in here that's truly offensive and not funny at all, fuck this shit.

That's all I wanna say ... read more
Nightwing734 -

We are getting close to the end now, and it only took 19 parts to finally get to the most epic nu-metal album of all time:

Trapt - Trapt.

and MAN!!!! the way this album star ts is just so EPIC!!! it starts with headstrong which is the best rock song of al time OBVIOUSLY!!, it makes me feel so powerful and alive and gives me a masive boner, I’m definitely playing this shit in my car when I ‘’accidentally’’ run over the ... read more
Nightwing734 -
Ok those sudden stops are annoying as hell but other than that this is a great pop song
Nightwing734 -
This is so uplifting i can't help but love it
Nightwing734 -


There are some bands that just have that one album you don't want to talk about. You know, that one rotten apple in their discography. Good examples of this are St Anger by Metallica, Risk by Megadeth, Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses, and maybe even the most recent Green Day record. But the thing is, the music on those albums still mostly sounds like it's made by the same band. This, however? what the fuck.

So Celtic Frost right. ... read more
Nightwing734 -
I wish it was longer :(
Nightwing734 -
Art-pop is really a hit-or-miss genre for me, the music is on this album is very cool but it kind of just went in one ear and out the other. I will try and listen to more stuff like this and maybe even more st vincent projects hoping I would enjoy that more
Nightwing734 -
EDIT: I heard it in full about 7 times now, it's a 55 unfortunately. Ill relisten in a couple of days or weeks or months or years or decades

I never had this with an album before, I've had 5 listens of this album now and I still don't remember that much from it, outside of the singles... I wanna give it a 60, but at the same time, it's also a 90. I don't dig the production that much but at the same time I actually do.. its just......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i play ... read more
Nightwing734 -
Very different from the other singles but I dig it, although it might not be the best choice for a single.
Nightwing734 -
You guys know I'm a sucker for some pure uncut cock rock, so this is no exception obviously. Yeah, it sounds like car commercial music, but I really don't care. I basically got exactly what I expected, and it slaps.
Nightwing734 -

I like the Limp Bizkit reference, i didn't really like the parts where the mixing was shitty and they try to add ska and they add saxophones and they add autotune and they sing in russian because its russian nu-metal and they make weird sounds and they rap and they make the album almost 1 hour long and they suck and they

Nightwing734 -
While relistening to this all I thought about was the 45-year-old bald dads moshing to Enter Sandman when I saw Metallica live, was pretty fun tho
Nightwing734 -
They don't miss <3
Nightwing734 -
I can't lower my score on this, I just can't. It's certainly not one of my favorite albums of all time anymore, but I still love it to death. I really expected it to grow off me because I haven't re-listened to it in over a year. Fortunately, I still really enjoy listening to it, it reminds me of simpler times.
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