Gangnam Park - Psybrid Theory

It's done. But first;

This Is The Greatest Nu-Metal Album Of All Time.

You fool. Did you really think we would listen to a Limp Bizkit, Korn, Deftones, Sepultura, or Soulfly album for the last episode? Of course not. THIS is where it's at. This is THE Nu-Metal album. We had to end the series, that has been going on since February 2021 (with a small hiatus) with Psybrid Theory by Gangnam Park. We just had to.

Okay, all jokes aside now. We came across this ... read more

Alien Ant Farm - ANThology

Almost there. I can’t believe it

Technically, we are already kind of done. We each picked 12 nu-metal albums for this challenge, but the last one had to be unique. So we have done all the ‘’regular’’ nu-metal albums for this challenge. The last part is coming soon!

Oh yeah, A l i e n A n t F a r m. Not gonna lie, I was kind of hyped for this one. I mean, Smooth Criminal is a nu-metal classic, cmon. oh, I guess there are ... read more

Otep - Kult 45

I am already really regretting starting this challenge again.

This makes that (həd) p.e. album look like a straight-up masterpiece. Rap metal really can't get any worse than this. There is no way. I'm just so done with albums like this man. I just wanna go back to listening to Thee Oh Sees. Help me.

The instrumentals are somewhat okay, they're still just way over the top and sound flaccid as hell but this album has a much bigger problem. The singer. The ... read more

Disturbed - The Sickness

‘’a lyrical miracle’’

What a nice album to listen to on this sunday morning. Ugh. Where do I even begin...

Let me just start the review by saying this. I used to really like disturbed. I am not ashamed of it. I used to bump their Land Of Confusion cover and Down With The Sickness pretty often back in the day. I even remember being hyped for their 2018 album (lol). Times have changed of course, and so has my taste in music. I, ... read more

Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip

Hello... again...

How long has it been? almost a year? oh…

A lot has changed since the last review, too much to explain so a small summary; my rating system crisis (all good now, I'm rating on rym now with a nice system), no interest in reviewing, no interest in AOTY, work, life... combine all those things and you have the reason why it took us (me) a year.

But now that my account is pretty cleaned up, my life has been somewhat decent, I decided I ... read more

Squid - Bright Green Field
I saw them live yesterday and wow...

My opinion on the album kind of changed before I saw them but now that I saw them play songs from this album live, I just can't help but absolutely love this.

The concert was just a surreal experience. It was my first concert in almost 2 years, the venue they played in was really nice, the crowd and the band were energetic as hell. It's crazy how much better they sound live than on the album when the album is already really really good. I also met up with ... read more

Limp Bizkit - Dad Vibes
radiohead could never
Trash. Overrated. Boring. Jack antonflop. Commercial failure. Melodrama better. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Cant wait to have this on repeat for the summer <3

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Well here i was.

On holiday, rainy day. I was laying on my bed studying for my drivers license (i was bored ok), i thought "yeah why not listen to some jazz right now, after all i just got bitches brew on vinyl"

Headphones on, played couple songs from this "modal jazz" playlist on spotify but then a song from this album came on, it blew me away instantly. Immediately after i listened to the other songs from the album.

I truly only give out 100s to albums that have a ... read more

Dee Gees - Hail Satin
This is actually pretty good for what it is, haters gonna hate I guess. Let them have fun <3
Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This
Now that Wolf Alice dropped their amazing third record, Lorde’s new album is finally on the way, multiple great artists announcing new albums like Deafheaven and Clairo, there was one album I was secretly maybe even more hyped for.

Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This

This band really shouldn’t be for me. I’ve never been that keen on smaller indie rock bands that are emerging from Europe. In my opinion, most of them sound the same, or they just don’t have enough ... read more

AURORA - Cure For Me
im here to say that I absolutely love this song and it's already one of my favorites of the year, I love the vocals and that donkey kong type beat so much
The Blue Nile - Hats
(album recommendation from @riley)

Damn, I'm really blown away by how good this is. The production is so melodic and longing, and as other people have already said, this is the perfect soundtrack for a heartbroken lonely night. Some parts also really remind me of The Police, specifically Every Breath You Take. This is peak 80s right here, and I will definitely raise my score if I return to this often.

I would have never listened to this if it wasn't for Riley, so thank you!

its ok
Mindless Self Indulgence - Tight
You really expected me to like this, Doom?

I mean, it's far from the worst thing I have ever heard but I would actually prefer a bunch of shitty nu-metal albums over this, and that's not a compliment at all. This is just too obnoxious and annoying for me, it literally got worse with every song. It just feels like an demo album of random annoying ideas thrown together.

Luckily I gave you the best nu-metal album ever in return for our swap. :trollface:

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend


My favorite indie rock band is finally back with their third album, Blue Weekend.

If you’re following me for a while now, you might have noticed that I got a bit obsessed with this band lately. I listened to their first 2 albums well over a year ago, but my obsession really began just a couple of weeks before Blue Weekend was announced.

I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I will try. You know when you listen to a ... read more

The Libertines - The Libertines
This just makes me wanna listen to the arctic monkeys debut, they did this sound it way better
EDIT: changed my mind again masterpiece 100/100 peak blackgaze
EDIT: no fred durst feature 1/10


Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber

I didn't think this would be THAT bad but jesus christ this is definitely one of the worst nu-metal albums I have ever heard, everything about this is awful, especially the vocals and the horrendous production. This is just a bland copy of other nu-metal bands from that time like Static x, Korn, and even Deftones. There's also a 40-second islamophobic interlude in here that's truly offensive and not funny at all, fuck this shit.

That's all I wanna say ... read more

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