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Nihao757 -

SWANS are an experimental rock band that started all the way back in 1982. That’s almost 40 years. And they’ve only gotten better over time. Michael Gira is the only constant member of the group and is basically the brains behind the whole operation. He also has a reputation for being a grade-A-asshole to his fans but he’s chilled out considerably since reforming the group.

In 2019, the group put out their 15th studio album, but that’s not accounting for ... read more

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Nihao757 -
Discog Dive #1: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
LP #10 / Audio Book #2
DATE: April 7, 2021

I wish I could log each of these sections separately because my opinion on each one is completely different. Oh well I’ll do my best.

The Tale of the Altered Beast:

One of the most energetic and exciting things K.G. has released. The riffs are infectious and the story is pretty engaging. It doesn’t really rely too heavily on the spoken word stuff which is a pro. But come on! Did this ... read more
Nihao757 -
Discog Dive #1: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
LP #9
DATE: April 6, 2021

And so the King Gizzard fatigue begins. After binging a good chunk of their discography, I’m starting to notice how same-y all their albums sound. FMB is the first album from them so far that I got bored a couple tracks in. None of them really feel unique from each other. This is still a fantastic album with some groovy songs, but they all feel like they have the same groove. It gets a little boring. Some ... read more
Nihao757 -
So I had high hopes for this project but holy fuck did this deliver. This is probably the band's best output since Yanqui and maybe even LYSF. And that's no easy feat; I consider everything Godspeed has released to be a 10/10. I don't think they've put out anything less than perfect for over 25 years. This sticks to the band's post-hiatus formula of "long build-up song, ambient drone song that's shorter, repeat" but it feels fresh this time. The shorter "drone" tracks are up ... read more
Nihao757 -
Discog Dive #1: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
LP #8
DATE: April 3, 2021

Yeah yeah yeah, I get it; I give out too many 10’s. I can’t help it. I like music. And I REALLY like good music. I think is probably the most deserving album in K.G.’s discography to get a 10. The concept is actually crazy. I’ve heard of albums looping before but this takes it to a whole new level. The only miss on here is Mr. Beat but I won’t skip it when it comes on. This album is ... read more
Nihao757 -
I don't even know what to say about this. I don't think there's another album out there who's cover art matches the music so perfectly. It's like if Mad Max: Fury Road was in slow motion. It's like a giant fucking viking stomping on the Earth from space. It's unlike anything I've ever heard. It is skull crushingly beautiful. The main riff on here is so mesmerizing it's easy to get lost in it. But the real MVP of this album is the drumming. It's like getting an icepick hammered into your eye ... read more


Dec 5, 2020
hello friend
May 1, 2020
Hello fellow man/woman/pronoun, what’s your favorite album to exercise to? I’m gonna put all the submissions into a list and listen to pick the most uplifting tracks and organize them into the AOTY Workout Playlist 2020.
Apr 17, 2020
Hi there! I accidentally deleted my Fetch the Bolt Cutters review (instead of 'editing' it) and I'm quite pleased with it, would you mind giving it another look? I don't expect a like, just a read my friend!
Jun 2, 2019
Yes. I simply find EITS, as described, quite innocuous and the entire quip of emotionless post-rock just tires me. If your band doesn't have any unique personality or bite, they don't take me on my expectations of post-rock while overall being far too slow/predictable.


I like writing long reviews.
I give out too many 100's.

100: Masterpiece
90: Amazing
80: Really good
70: Good
60: Decent
50: Meh
40: Bad
30: Really bad
20: Terrible
10: Dog shit
0: The absolute worst

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