Kevin Abstract - ARIZONA baby
Apr 4, 2019 (updated Apr 11, 2019)
Is this name official?
also this is coming out june 21st thats national arizona day and its on a friday imma do this

edit: new snippet
actual fucking album of the year incoming
Edit edit: its 3 tracks
edit edit edit: it wasn't even on a friday

So for the first two tracks, i have no issues with them. Genuinely think both are perfect.
Big Wheels is one of Kevin's best performances ever, Brockhampton and solo. The production too on that song is amazing, it's both the franticness of Sister/Nation with the beatswitch up of Jouvert. The lyrics are also fantastic, kind of a continuation of his verse from Fabric.
Joy Ride is a fantastic pop rap cut, killer flow from Kevin in the second verse and singing on the bridge. The horns are maybe a bit corny but it's a pretty great contrast between the paranoid lyrics about missing out on what he can't get back, arguing with his boyfriend, not listening to others opinions out of fear for his mental state. Also not wanting to fuck in the sun would've been a good lyric man you could've snuck it in somewhere.
The only issue I have with the entire EP is on the hook to Georgia. The hook i think falls pretty flat. I feel like the pitch shifting on his voice is the same they used in the saturation series and not with Iridescence, and it sounds really weak. It also seems a little warped? The last line of the chorus sounds honestly pretty bad. It's really the only issue I have with Kevin's performances throughout the entire album though. Pretty much all of this EP is just quality, even Georgia, which even after the critiques I still love. So uh, GhettoBaby, can't wait. Also please don't just be 3 track eps.
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Apr 11, 2019
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