Megan Thee Stallion - Fever
May 23, 2019 (updated Jun 18, 2019)
tHe sjWS arE RuiNinG MusIC joUrnALIsM!!! FemINiSts aRe so baAD!!!!!!!!!!! piTChfoRK Bad beCAusE SJW!!!!!!!!! not because they layoffed an entire art department, a senior editor who needed the job, a lack of job security in general, being underpaid, not being given health insurance and having to work full hours while being subcontracted, right?

yeah maybe the writer at pitchfork just liked the album. maybe its not that pitchfork are just some stupid feminist "sjw" corporation, maybe you're just being way too fucking sensitive that someone liked something you didnt, which is way more fucking common on this site than it should.

also dababy's verse was just
fuck hes horny

edit: i am asshole
also stop liking this damn
May 23, 2019
Oh My God. Feminism is not the problem. Please do not put words in my mouth. SJW shit wasn't even the main point of my post. I'm not mad that their agenda is SJW, I'm mad that they HAVE an agenda, period. Their quality of writing has gone down, their BNMs are predictable (not all, but most) . And yes, the writer very well had a different opinion of the album than me and that made me mad. You Struck A Homer There Sport. Please @ Me Next Time You Wanna Spill Tea Heaux.
May 23, 2019
i was kinda memeing there but dude, agendas can be shit, but what interesting perspective would any of these music sites have without a narrative or political opinion that they are trying to push? They got an agenda but their agenda isnt really trying to push anything that ive seen, its mostly that some of the writers got political opinions they share. But yeah pitchfork have kinda gotten shit but i really dont think its cuz they have an sjw type agenda, i think its cuz they treat the people
May 23, 2019
That give them traffic like shit.
May 23, 2019
Also when it comes to some articles, its news, and nearly every news site on the earth has an agenda. If they didnt and all of them reported the news and dipped, what reason would someone have to favor one site’s writing over the other
May 23, 2019
"it's cuz they treat the people that give them traffic like shit" 300% agreed on that, and I think that is probably a better explanation for my anger. And I do believe the political agenda came with the Conde Nast acquisition bcuz corporations lol. Sure they aren't pushing anything and you're right that its more me being sensitive, I just wish we could have some things just be about music without any other influence acting on it.
May 23, 2019
"I just wish we could have some things just be about music without any other influence acting on it." honestly i feel websites like this are the best way to live that out, I guess idk how to word shit.
May 23, 2019
Pitchfork's music news is a whole different rant I could go on lmao. I only really read their reviews.
May 23, 2019
lol yeah honestly they are pretty shit at reporting
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