JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs
Sep 13, 2019 (updated Aug 3, 2020)
edit actually its post rap thats why it sounds shit

really disappointed in this album tbh. like "haha the joke is you AREN'T gonna be dissappointed!!" well here we are and i'm disappointed. shame, considering veteran is probably my aoty, top 5 of the decade. but man, this is nowhere near as impactful as that album was, in both a cultural and musical sense. Obviously, veteran was peggy's big breakthrough. and, sheesh man it was huge when it came out. it got that january effect, melon effect, everything that could've boosted it to more people it got. And that album was banger after banger, doesn't matter if the song was soft or not, he somehow made every song insane. Peggy said that album gave him his most success which is true, and that's what happened when he let himself off the chain, which on this album he seems even more off the deep end.

this ends up, disappointing to say the least. His lack of restraint leads to the worst thing about this album, it's repetition. like you need a cap for some of these things he laces throughout this album. the meta lyrics at points get absolutely terrible, like 4 layers of irony that we all have but peggy's never go off. Even when he gets slightly personal, he has to let a goofy ass line go. I mean, just look at the song titles, hehe funny meme peggy so funny im laughing. And the production, while mostly pretty fantastic, can get spotty. The songs usually followed a similar structure, something Veteran threw to the wind and went wild with. Turned out great then, but now it just leads down the same linear structure. frankly its a creative structure, intro, verse, bridge, verse, verse, outro, but he uses it on like every song.

So yeah, i know this review was short, but i honestly can't think about this album too hard. it honestly hurts he would make an album of this quality. its still good, but man after his last two albums and the ghost pop tape, not even comparable. thanks, but i'll pass.

best track: Rap Grow Old & Die x No Child Left Behind
worst track: fausiohfeoiaewrjshrgefwroildjgkfdsafsdsfar
Sep 13, 2019
Great review, hidden behind a perfect score
Sep 13, 2019
@BradTasteMusic bro did you even get the part about the structures? That shit is so damn disingenuous and inaccurate. I made it up in 10 seconds max.
Sep 16, 2019
This review could potentially lead to a brain cells genocide
Nov 30, 2019
Nov 30, 2019
@Ts12521 yeah i mean it's pretty easy
Nov 30, 2019
Dec 1, 2019
@Ts12521 k im gonna block you so you can't respond to me anymore while i shit talk you and you're just gonna have to deal with it. also don't say the n word you white person.
Dec 13, 2019
Dec 13, 2019
@Klujahjah thats literally the fucking joke
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