Dreamcrusher - Suicide Deluxe
I'm not a fan of Power Noise but searching for some good projects in this genre I found this one, and this was insane. Suicide Deluxe is a mix of Power Noise and Industrial Techno, which creates a very dark and energetic project. Production is great with a lot of great moments.
Xiu Xiu - FORGET
Xiu Xiu is best when they do not too hard to create a dark and cryptic atmosphere and create more great synth punk. FORGET is a great example of that, still very cryptic but also beautiful in the most bizarre. The instrumentals are fantastic with vocals creating very surreal and depressive feelings.
Krossad - Jävla Äckel (Demo 2007)
Jävla Äckel is a pretty cute demonstration of drain gang in Noisecore. 9 minutes of funny mixed vocals and pretty alright drums with nice guitar in the background. This was bad to listen to but at the same time, interesting seeing some of my favorite artists at their beginning in the music.
AJJ - People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World
People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World is an interesting and depressing album to listen to. I love the contrast of dark lyrics and an optimistic atmosphere along with homemade feeling of this album. The vocals remind me of The Brave Little Abacus a little bit. Instrumental has a lot of energy and I like guitars a lot on this album too.
FKA twigs - M3LL155X
Yeah, FKA twigs is insane on this ep. Even for 5 songs she give to us her best track I hear. Every track has great structure, amazing vocals with her soft voice, and production is just top tier on this ep.
After a pretty great year with a great album and ep, $uicideboy$ came back with another ep SHAMELESS $UICIDE and this one is a pretty big step down in quality. Production wasn't stand out and mostly sounded alright. Performance by ruby and $crim are more repetitive along with Shakewell which in some points I was confused if I do not listen to ruby. Because they two have pretty similar voices. Overall I feel $b and shake well can make a lot more creative ep than this.
 ROSALÍA & Rauw Alejandro - RЯ
RЯ fun listen with most known reggaeton sound. Production is a little bit too generic for this genre but ROSALÍA & Rauw Alejandro hat so much chemistry in their performances.
Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia
Mother Earth's Plantasia is a cute and sweet ambient album that has this early video game feeling. Synths sound amazing on this album and each composition creates very magical feelings and aesthetics.
quinn - sf44 (side a only)
sf44 is extremely short but a great listen with Quinn's best beats and cool flow.
The newest collaboration album with Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA scaring the hoes is the best album of this year. This album has anything that I expected it to be and does those things 100% better. Production is a lot more experimental, mostly based on very unique samples that could be taken for IShowSpeed songs for example Lean Beef Patty or Orange Juice Jones. This is maybe Jpegmafia's best beat with a ton of joy and fun, also surprised by the drum n bass influence on one or two tracks on this ... read more
Thaiboy Digital - ส (Tiger)
Tiger is the debut mixtape by Thaiboy Digital and his most praised work. For me, Thaiboy is a pretty big mixed bag because he has amazing choices in production, but he lacks in performances mostly because of his monotone voice or annoying autotune, and this mixtape is no exception. The production is amazing with incredible synths and drums, creating a cool atmosphere around the mixtape. But Thaiboy Digital's performance is odd and didn't fit into it.
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
You Won't Get What You Want is a lot better album than their 2010 Daughters. This album is a true nightmare that wants you dead. Instrumentation is a lot stronger and with more power. The performance is terrifying, along with very dark cryptic lyrics. And overall I would start here to begin with Daughters.
VESTIGES is a great collection of Rav songs with a lot of charming lyrics and mostly amazing production. There are some moments where his voice is a little annoying for me, but this is also amazing.
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Mezzanine is a legendary album for the trip-hop genre and a very important album. Created by Robert Del Naja and Tricky (and a lot more people) in 1998. This album for me is a more relaxing take on the genre with some amazing vocals and impressive simple instrumentations. But I don't find this album so effective to me for some reason.
ETHEREAL - Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack is a more underrated project from the golden era of cloud rap. Ethereal is mostly known for his songs with Playboi cart. His full mixtape with only 9 tracks is pretty amazing. The production is great with a lot of psychedelic synths and Ethereal outstanding performance. His vocals remind me of Chris Travis at some point. The only thing I would change about this project is to kick Just Sayin from the tracklist. This track ruined the great 4 track run time.
仮想夢プラザ [Virtual Dream Plaza] - 最初の別れ
最初の別れ is a very relaxing and calm album from t e l e p a t h that create an amazing feeling of comfort. The drone section of this 30-minute track is incredible and I love the little progression on this album.
Andy Stott - Faith in Strangers
Faith in Strangers is a very dark and cryptic album with great production. There are a lot of moments where I was curious how the track will change in the progression of the track. For example
Violence, from ambient pop with this loud synth to more techno-inspiring deconstructed club. The whole thing has a lot of high lights and overall listening to this is something different.
The Sawtooth Grin - Cuddlemonster
Cuddlemonster is terror and chaos in the best way possible. With 15 minutes runtime, The Sawtooth Grin shows brutal vocals that can be annoying sometimes but with the tone of the album they fit perfectly to create violent feelings. The instrumentals are wild with catchy guitar riffs along with energetic and almost epileptic drums and nice progression in the instrumentation at the ending.
Kikuo - Kikuoworld
Kikuoworld is an amazing, playful album that has some of the more entertaining production I hear in a while. Beats are present with a lot of passion and charm. Highlights on this album can blow your mind for the first time. The aesthetic of this album reminds me of forgotten RPG ost that was found on eBay for 5$.
Daughters - Daughters
Daughters self-titled is their second most praised album aside from the You Won't Get What You Want, released in 2018. This album is mostly alright with solid noisy instrumentation with a lot of ideas that make them stand out. But Im not hyped about the Alexis Marshall performance, he didn't stick out with me. Tracks for me are too chaotic and come with no nuance for me.
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