Feb 14, 2019
walker texas ranger
Feb 8, 2019
gonna need 8 people to delete their ratings to fulfill the prophecy
Feb 8, 2019
can't wait to blast "moving work" a few beers in once it gets warm again. ohgeesy's verse should be in the smithsonian
Feb 8, 2019
i've been told her name is not pronounced "AIR-ee-ana," but instead "ARR-ee-ana." not a huge fan of that. her left and right hand robert horry
Feb 7, 2019
oooooooooooooooooh temperature's risiiiiin
Feb 5, 2019
first class flights is a top 5 future song
Feb 3, 2019
oi mate, bloody good song i reckon
Jan 27, 2019
starts off a bit slow, but once it gets going...man. when sada said he'll take a shit on your toilet and play with your kids that's when i knew he was the goat.

i think the ~25 song youtube playlist i made from his leaks over the past year is better, but for a pretty mainstream album this definitely didn't let me down.
Jan 27, 2019
P U this stinks
Jan 20, 2019
i should start by saying that future is the best rapper of the decade, and i don't really know who is even close. that is to say, expectations are high. the best future albums have a cohesive vision behind them. i'm not sure that's the case here. it's not as good as bm2 or hndrxx, but it's certainly more exciting than, say, future, wrld on drugs, or super slimey. i think the singles are the only bad songs on here, but i don't think it has the singular moment that defines the great future albums ... read more
Dec 31, 2018
if you don't like blueface i don't like you
Dec 17, 2018
i honestly don't get why you people consistently shit on kodak. i mean yeah, he's probably not the best person, and there's a couple duds on here like zeze and the one with the feature from black post malone, but i listen to this and i hear a guy who puts his heart and soul into his music. if you don't like the slurred, sometimes offbeat rapping i guess that's ok, but at least recognize it's a stylistic choice and admit to yourself that you're old and boring and would rather listen to same ... read more
Dec 17, 2018
when vultures cry is a perfect song
Dec 14, 2018
i dismissed this way too easily when it came out. he's not just a young thug ripoff anymore, he's got his own, distinct sound, and it works. he also pronounces words in this weird drawl that never gets old.
Dec 8, 2018
the best songs on here have production that simultaneously sounds like it's from 1980 and 2040, and daboii somehow uses the same flow on every song while also changing his delivery--with subtle inflections, expressions, changes in tone and speed--so that he really never uses the same flow twice.
Dec 3, 2018*
meditative, but also incredibly concise.

people saying this is like madvillainy are outing themselves as having never listened to any other underground rap record, ever. mv is nowhere near as personal as this. it's firmly in the armand hammer/mach-hommy camp, if anything. i've also seen the atrocity exhibition comp, but i'll do you one better and say i'm getting some 56 nights vibes here
Nov 30, 2018
ross droppin an f bomb like it's 2004. real rap
Nov 30, 2018
gonna listen to that earl, but first,,,,,,,
Nov 7, 2018
i know everyone's been wondering: i am officially pro-blueface. welcome to the meat show.
Nov 6, 2018
gibbs is so much better on old school beats, this is the best i've heard him since pinata. curren$y holds his own, i've never been big on him but he does well here. my only complaint is there isn't more
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