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Wire - Pink Flag
Pink Flag
Jul 27

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Rav - Beneath The Toxic Jungle
Exociety Discography Dive - #3

According to Rav, the mouth eyes were originally envisioned 8 or 9 years ago as a way to symbolize selfishness and consumption. That person is blind to everyone else’s issues, they just keep talking and talking, taking everything from the people around them. This is the character that Rav sees himself as in his music and how he chooses to represent himself.

It’s interesting to see how the mouth eye character shifts from cover to cover. On the ... read more

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DOMi & JD Beck - NOT TiGHT
This is probably the cutest jazz-funk album I’ve heard.

For those that don’t know, DOMi and JD Beck have been well known in the jazz community for their youtube videos showcasing very fast and technical playing. DOMi has a penchant for playing insane piano runs at fast speeds, and JD Beck has such a rhythmically complex and precise style that is just so satisfying. I remember initially writing them off as just another set of jazz prodigies when their videos were first recommended ... read more

quinn - quinn
“This is a result of years with high highs and really fuckin low lows
All of which helped build who I am today
My name is Quinn. I am 17 years old, from Baltimore, Maryland
This is who I am, not what he or she or anybody says.”

In a music scene that oftentimes prioritizes brash, upfront and catchy sounds, quinn has stood out as someone whose work is often dense, dark and impenetrable. Compared to her previous sound, this new album feels like an absolution, something refreshingly ... read more

새눈바탕 [Bird's Eye Batang] - 손을 모아 (Flood Format)
When I listen to this album, I imagine myself standing in the middle of an abandoned amusement park in broad daylight.

What was once all bright neon colors has faded into pastel blues and yellows, softened by years of harsh sungaze. The sounds of birdsong fill the air, echoes of the sounds of screaming children. The grass runs every which way, darting in between the floorboards of old buildings, covering the path, sticking out of the concrete. The old pool water is green, full of life. ... read more

IDK - Simple.
Simple feels like it takes a lot of detours for an 18 minute EP. Still, it ends up being pretty enjoyable, maybe just a bit inconsistent.

Of course, getting Kaytranada, arguably one of the best in the electronic music scene today, to produce for your album is gonna get you decent results. At his best on this project, IDK really steps up to the plate: the precision of his flows, the lyricism, and his singing really add dimension to the already great production. On the other hand, I ... read more

Rav - Hyperkinesis EP
Exociety Discography Dive - #2

“I’m living on a planet where I speak perfect sense but no one understands it”

After the Discovered, which was just an amateur demo tape, Rav was still very much in the process of finding his sound - most of his music came from rapping over random beats he found off the internet. He shared a lot of his music with friends he made on Newgrounds, which included fellow rappers Kill Bill and Scuare. As he describes it: “We kind of just went ... read more


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