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Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)
The sun is shining, seagulls are flying in the blue sky, it's a good day at the sea......

Eeeh... no. Autumn's here, leaves are falling, it's a rainy day and halloween is near but 1989 TV is finally ours (!!!) so let's sum up what i think about this 4th re-record :

* Out of the woods, Wonderland, Clean, All you had to do was stay, this love, I know places and wildest dreams sound so good with their newer version and really got the better treatment...
* The production is richer, ... read more

Madison Beer - Silence Between Songs
My second musical surprise of the year (just after 'Gag Order' by Kesha). I was impatiently awaiting this album since the singles and snippets had convinced me a lot, and now i'm pleasantly surprised. No matter who Madison is, credit should be given when it's deserved.

While 'Life Supports' had a powerful, sometimes aggressive, production that left little room for vocal performance, 'Silence Between Songs' is at the opposite. Here, the production is softer, more melodically diverse and it ... read more

Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
I'm not a fan of the punk/rock genres so i'm gonna need more time with this album for sure. Still, i think it's a solid sophomore album. I really liked Olivia's vocals and the production which is more complete and diverse than in SOUR. However, even if GUTS is more mature and complete, it shares a lot of similarities with Olivia's debut album, which makes me think GUTS is simply SOUR's older sister. Judging on your preferences, this can be a quality and/or a defect. Personally, i think GUTS ... read more
Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
Another re-recording, another success? I never listened to Speak Now before (but i remember hearing Sparks Fly back in the days) so i was patiently waiting for this re-recording without knowing what to really expect. I enjoyed this album a lot and to be honest i don't have much to say about it because i couldn't find anything i disliked. It's good from beginning to end. But if i just had one thing to say: i think the Fearless & Red vault tracks are better, not that the Speak Now ones aren't ... read more
Kesha - Gag Order
First listen done, let's try to make a review!

OK, first i wasn't expecting this kind of album at all, but here i am pleasantly surprised and even a little impressed.
It's one of the few albums that made me emotional and hurt me a little. I really felt this project and felt what Kesha was trying to tell us, and god knows she had a lot of (sad) things to say.

I will start by saying the cover art fits so well the album. Suffocating and trying to catch a breath, that's what the album is about, ... read more


Hi there! French music lover here. I'm reading some reviews, watching stans fighting in the comments, and sometimes i'm sharing some thoughts about some music i like! I don't post often or fast because i like to take time to listen to a project before reviewing it. Music needs time to be fully appreciated!

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