Florence + The Machine - Dance Fever
May 13, 2022 (updated May 13, 2022)
Before the album came out, the single King completely blew me away, but unfortunately, the rest of the record can't quite follow in its footsteps. It's still a rather wonderful art-pop project but I was expecting more. I don't quite see the need for so many interludes and many of the middle tracks feel a bit weak such as Back in Town or The Bomb. I will most certainly return to the peaks of this album but I don't see myself returning to this record as a whole.
Update: Dance Fever grew on me a bit more. 65 -> 70
Track Ratings
1King / 90
2Free / 85
3Choreomania / 70
4Back In Town / 55
5Girls Against God / 60
6Dream Girl Evil / 75
8Cassandra / 80
10Daffodil / 70
11My Love / 65
13The Bomb / 60
14Morning Elvis / 65
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Quite surprised to see that you didn't enjoy that much cassandra but I like your review, I have the same issues with interludes and some weaker tracks. I just enjoyed more her songwriting here and the best tracks are like super solid.
@WildChameleon Actually, I am surprised as well as I gave that song another listen and I like it quite a bit more now than previously. Thank you for bringing my attention to it!:) This just goes to show how multiple listens can alter the viewpoint of a song or record. I'll listen to this album once or twice more probably to see if it grows on me further. Currently, I've only listened to it once front to back as this weekend is PACKED with exciting albums.
Yes this weekend is so insane, I just allow myself to 3-4 listenings and nothing other aside haha. I think I rate like bullshit haha

Cassandra was so an instant for me haha it's just the type of songs I like when it comes to Florence disco + the genre in general (yeah huge fan of this shit haha)
I fully relate to the rating like bullshit feeling haha. That's also why I rate only in 5s and 10s as I don't think I can be any more accurate than that. Depending on the day, mood, and whatnot my ratings could easily fluctuate some points.

Yeah, the Florence disco is indeed some great shit. I don't even know how Cassandra slipped past me. I guess I might have been too tired as the albums get released at midnight on Spotify and I had already listened to a few releases before getting to Dance Fever. Wiser would be to get some sleep in first but it's too hard to resist. I don't have enough self-control for that bahaha.
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