ok so this is gonna be a big challenge. basically im going to listen to the top 5 highest rated albums with 50+ ratings from every year starting at 1954 (although 1954-1956 have less than 5), and ...
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my 50 fav albums of the 2010s
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unranked are what i want to listen to but havent yet. ranking the decade as it goes along!
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other favs are 90+s average ratings are for the year ALBUMS OF THE DECADE: Visions of Bodies Being Burned (2020s) Atrocity Exhibition (2010s) Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven ...
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minimum 25 ratings because there arent as many ratings for soundtracks this might? be upkept, but i doubt it theres quite a few high ranked soundtracks between 15 and 25 ratings and if you wanted ...
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only those that show up when i go to top singles of a year if it shows up there but not on the list it probably didnt have a release date like "on GP"
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February 2021 Playlist