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Madeon - Good Faith
Nov 16, 2019

Wow!! What? Huh? Jimpy just gave Madeon, some EDM dude he's not even that big of a fan of a 90/100? Seriously? That's a higher score than he gave to albums by La Dispute, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Denzel Curry, Death Angel, Injury Reserve, Rammstein, Whitechapel, American Football, Bad Books, Kevin Abstract, Flying Lotus, Sadistik, Full of Hell...a metric SHITTON of bands and artists he absolutely loves! How did Madeon--again, an artist that he's not all that crazy about in the first place--top a bunch of albums he was CERTAIN would stay at the top of his list for 2019?

It's true. As of November 16th, Good Faith by Madeon has broken my top 10 for 2019, tied for tenth place with Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, Final Transmission by Cave In, and It Won/T Be Like This All the Time by The Twilight Sad. And in all honesty, I think it might be even better than those albums I just mentioned. Trust me, I wasn't expecting this, and this wasn't a realization I came to on my first listen. I liked it a lot--I think my original score was a 79--but with repeated listens, it just kept growing on me, becoming my favorite electronic album in a while. So, as with all great electronic albums of the 2010s, you can assume that this has sublime production and an interesting sound, and you'd be correct! The production on Good Faith...god damn, it's absolutely spectacular. There's no way around it. It's super stylish and slick, from funky disco grooves to prominent soul and gospel samples taking center stage on songs like Be Fine. It'll get your head movin' just as easily as it'll get your soul ascendin' if ya know what I mean. It's the perfect combination of catchiness, accessibility, and an inspiring level of creativity. It's also quite varied--as consistent as it is quality-wise, you'll experience nu-disco bangers right after a more stripped-back, soul-oriented end to the song that precedes it. It's brilliantly-curated, from the horn melody on Hold Me Just Because to the samples Madeon chooses to incorporate. Every choice made on Good Faith panned out wonderfully.

I just can't get enough of this LP! Is it as much of an experimental masterpiece as IGOR? No. Is it as monolithic as Syntheosis? No. Is it even as emotionally poignant or soul-crushing as Panorama, The Valley, or LP3? No--but that's precisely why it's so lovable. It's a beautifully uplifting experience, a bright and colorful world of sound that's filled with positivity and an undeniable dynamism. One of my favorite EDM albums...possibly of all time, and as I've stated many times in this review, one of my favorite records of 2019.


FOR FANS OF: Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, Justice, Avicii, Breakbot, deadmau5, Feed Me

Favorite tracks: Dream Dream Dream, All My Friends, Be Fine, Nirvana, Mania, Hold Me Just Because, Heavy With Hoping, Borealis

Least favorite tracks: none

(Electropop, Dance-Pop, Nu-Disco, Future Bass, Electro House, Neo-Soul, Synth-Funk, Synth-Pop)
Nov 16, 2019
operation review a Madeon album without mentioning Porter Robinson has been a success
Nov 17, 2019
Well I mean, You technically did lol. @notbuzzlia but I'm glad you liked the album!
Nov 17, 2019
@Riskr FOR FANS OF section doesnt count ssshhhhh
Nov 19, 2019
This review made me a fan of both Madeon and your taste making.
Nov 19, 2019
@JaredOates im glad you liked it!
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