NEGATIVE XP - Cops Beating Down on Hippie Scum at the 1968 Democratic National Convention
Jun 26, 2020

Crazy how Dead Kennedys get the satire pass but Negative XP is (and I quote from RYM) "a disgusting Nazi incel freak" that's "a fucking pig. He's one step below being a literal Nazi and has nothing to contribute except pathetic hatred." How in the world could anyone look at this title and think the guy is genuine? Tell me, which of these lyrics were penned by Negative XP and which were written by Jello Biafra?

"Efficiency and progress is ours once more
Now that we have the Neutron bomb
It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done"

"Beat, beat, beat, kill, kill, kill
Stop them all 'till they lose their will
Shoot first, and ask questions later
Gun is the greatest negotiator"

You can say it's in bad taste and all that, but to accuse the guy of being some institutionalist bootlicker because of obviously tongue-in-cheek lyrics? Shit's silly man. Keep in mind I'm not promoting his music or anything, this song is just whatever. I've heard a handful of XP's songs and it's obvious that he's just a lame Jay Reatard wannabe who replaces clever songwriting with Reddit gold. This is probably his best song, but it's still not all that great. He artificially tries to replicate distorted garage punk vocals by laying on the fuzz a bit too heavily, although the more screamed vocals are pretty solid. Weak chorus though. Also what the fuck was up with the ending? Did he slip into death growls there? Here's a tip to anyone who's interested in experimenting with different vocal deliveries--death growls only sound good in the context of extreme metal, and even then they should really only be used in the context of death metal (I say extreme metal as a whole because I'm sure I've heard them used well in some black metal or thrash metal contexts).
Jun 26, 2020
Nah it's cuz Jello never made any songs that are distinctly mean spirited and Anti-woman like the Scott Pilgrim song was. Like with Dead Kennedies it's very clear who the satire is targeting, but with the Scott Pilgrim song, it's just making fun of woman and calling it a joke
Jun 26, 2020
Plus like they ride that scummy line of "ITS NOT GENUINE BRO IT'S IRONIC!" that they can easily do a heal turn on at any moment.
Jun 26, 2020
@Toasterqueen12 da scott pilgrim song sucks for a multitude of reasons and the lyrics arent good but i dont think they make him an awful person. its immature and all that but the lyrics are centered around a specific set of traits that some women have rather than all women. while its nowhere NEAR as amazing or well-written as holiday in cambodia, theyre similar songs in that they both make fun of general personalities and groups. XP is edgier but i dont think edginess is an inherent negative (no pun intended), in his case it just doesnt add much
Jun 26, 2020
wrote that last comment b4 u posted the next two hold on
Jun 26, 2020
damn tweeties is unavailable
Jun 26, 2020
Yeah but judging from all the comments talking about "the evil Muslims" and shit like that it's very clear the type of fanbase Negative XP attracted and I feel like that's the difference between him and the kennedies. The Kennedies told their Nazi fanbase to fuck off while Negative XP activity embraces it
Jun 26, 2020
thats one of the inherent issues with idea-driven music, as dumb or complex as the ideas are. people can interpret any song to mean anything and champion said song as the theme to their movement, regardless of the creators intentions. i dont think XP is alt-right, rather he just doesnt care about politics in any way other than offending people. he probably just doesnt give a shit what his fanbase consists of, or at least not right now. he could be inadvertently pandering with his whole shocking le triggered edgy persona but again, idk if hes actively trying to attract 4chan bros. like you said tho he definitely isnt pushing them away so it really comes down to whether or not you care about the fanbase in relation to the artist

also i wanna make clear that i think Dead Kennedys are infinitely better than XP in every way
Jun 26, 2020
Idk, I just feel that if you don't try in any way to make a statement with your satire, then you're just generally either really bad at making it, or not making satire at all.

Like with other edgy musicans like Lil Darkie and Early Tyler, the Creator, they're talking about doing these insane things where you can confidently say that "yeah, no actual human on earth probably believes this."

And even people like Jreg, who's goal is to piss everyone off, still condemns spesific types of people when need be. He's never like "you know, the Nazis are actually ok!"

And I just don't think you can hold that accountability to Negative XP
Jun 30, 2020
I don’t know about you guys, but negative XP is fairly funny.
Jul 1, 2020
@ImplicitDoom i havent heard most of his discography and i dont follow him on any social media platforms but i dont find him all that funny
Jul 1, 2020
@JIMPY I think it’s all about the sense of humor on someone. I have a very weird and offensive sense of humor so I think Negative XP can be pretty funny.
Jul 2, 2020
The problem is I’m not sure if he’s being ironic or not. If he is it’s still kinda dodgy cause plenty of nazis and incels love his shit.
Jul 3, 2020
@pizzabutt nazis and incels also jam to killing in the name pretty frequently and ratm are like the total opposite of that
Jul 3, 2020
toaster brought up a good point when she mentioned how xp has never made an attempt to push away that part of his audience, but like i said i think it just comes down to the listener to decide whether or not they care about any of that shit, i dont think apathy makes someone a bad person
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