Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
Sep 3, 2020 (updated Sep 3, 2020)
This isn't a review for The Great Cold Distance by Katatonia. Instead, this is an announcement, and while typically I avoid scoring albums I'm only using as vessels to deliver a message, these things tend to get more attention if they're given a rating and I'm really excited for this upcoming project I'm gonna start working on soon, so I want it to get on as many radars as possible. Sorry for the spam, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with what I'm cookin' up.


This is a very extensive, detailed project, a deep dive into the wonderful world of metal. Consisting of over 60 projected reviews (give or take a handful depending on any changes of plans), I'm gonna be reviewing one album per metal subgenre and discussing both the record and the genre in detail. It'll not only consist of your average Bona Fide Jimpy Review, but my general thoughts on the genre the album represents, my personal history on it, the objective history behind it, and some recommendations and starter steps for those interested in the subgenre. I feel like this collection of reviews will be a solid introduction to the wide umbrella of metal--an infamously inaccessible genre by design, especially as you go further down the pipeline of extremity. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself an all-knowing genius; I'm just passionate about this music and love to talk about it. Metal as of late has been less exciting to follow when compared to hip hop or pop, since that's where most of the innovation is going on right now. Looking back, it's kinda sad to see how detached I've become, so I'll be using this to catch up with classics I've never heard, albums that went under the radar for me and most other metalheads, and old favorites that I haven't listened to in ages.

As for a timetable, this is probably gonna take a WHILE. I don't even know if I wanna say I'm gonna pump out one review per day--we already know I can barely juggle 10 reviews in 10 days with all those DAY OF ________ challenges (more to come in the future btw)--but I'm hoping my excitement will keep me from getting burnt out on this. I'll be posting other reviews and shitposts in between, just to prevent myself from feeling trapped by the restraints of my own challenge.

So Jimpy, what genres are you gonna cover? What albums are gonna represent them?
Well, my good friend, the next review I'm posting will contain the full list. Everything's tentative right now--for example, if anyone recommends an album that seems REALLY cool for sludge metal, there's a chance I'll replace the current representation with that one (don't bother with sludge metal tho. i have When the Kite String Pops down for sludge metal and thats a baller ass album that wont be replaced at all). However, for the most part, that's what you can expect in terms of scale and specific titles and sounds.

I'm using RateYourMusic as my go-to database. If you're unfamiliar with its genre algorithm, it takes large umbrella genres (such as metal, rock, pop, hip hop, etc.) and breaks them down into more specific labels. For example, Metal gets broken down into Alternative Metal, which gets broken down into Funk Metal, Nu Metal, and Rap Metal. That's the order I'm gonna be going with--roughly alphabetical, but the derivative genres come after the parents. Alternative Metal and Funk Metal aren't alphabetically close together, but since Funk Metal is an Alternative Metal subgenre, that's gonna be the next review.

Yeah, yeah, Jimpy, we get it. Stop the rambling and get to listin' DOOFUS!
Hold your horses, compadre! As I said, the comprehensive list of genres and records will be posted in the following review, which will be linked below (or easily accessed just by clickin' on the album to the left...we all know this I'm sure) once it's published. If you couldn't tell, I'm wicked excited for this, and I hope you guys are, too.

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Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts
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