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Notorious_Man -
My pick for the greatest debut album ever made.

I fell in love with music when I was about 11 and ever since that I always had a list of albums that I would call my favorites. Over the last 6 years, the list has changed drastically as I fall in love and out of certain music movements and genres. There was a time when I would call Green Day's Warning my favorite album of all time or when I thought Offspring's Conspiracy of One was a 10, or Pablo Honey was the best Radiohead album.

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Notorious_Man -
Richard D. James Album is wacky. It feels like it should be too zany for its own good but somehow isn't. This is a vivid and diverse collection of tracks, that never lose focus or drift into obscurity. Many of the man's best and most imaginative songs appear on this record. Richard D. James Album is excellent. It is somehow a perfect showcase of both his ambient and electronic side.

Best Tracks: 4; Fingerbib; Girl/Boy Song; Carn Marth; To Cure a Weakling Child; Goon Gumpas

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Notorious_Man -
I can definitely see merit in this album. It's very competently made and a lot of the song progress quite nicely, however, this project is just a little too mild for me. The album has this frantic yet somehow understated delivery to it, which makes the tracks come off not too ambient where you can relax to them, but not really lively enough to dance to. I think a lot of the textures here are very monochromatic and not too distinctive. Music doesn't have the same vibrancy as Richard D. James ... read more
Notorious_Man -
WOW! Somehow the Imagine Dragons outdo themselves! It's like they listened to the criticisms and somehow came to the conclusion that the problem with their music was that it's was not dull enough. At least on their past records, there were 1 or 2 songs that I liked. This is a void, complete void of any sort of enjoyment. Judging by the muted response, we can only hope that Mercury - Act I doesn't get the sequel that its title implies

Best Tracks: :|

Worst Tracks: Giants; Cutthroat; One Day; ... read more
Notorious_Man -
The band was struck by tragedy after the release of their previous album. The sudden and untimely death of both Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington really left it ambivalent where the band would go. Well, they got a new vocalist and set out to release a new album. If you were expecting a commentary and reflection about singers' death, well you're in the wrong place as sadly what we get is a stupendously plain alt. rock album. The band records this album like nothing much even changed since the ... read more
Notorious_Man -
Stone Temple Pilots made a decade-defining rock album in 1994 with "Purple". 15 years they sound desperate to emulate the sound of the bands that ripped them off. This record sounds like a discount version of The Vines and Jet at its best. It's incredible! there's barely an original idea to be found here.

Best Tracks: n/a


Jan 10, 2022
also please clarify the thing about cancelling your language due to no pronouns. that one had me rolling
Jan 10, 2022
1. no, i dont appreciate art created by pedophiles or rapists. it is worth less than my shit

2. "objectivity" is 100% completely irrelevant to appreciating art lmao. it's wholly subjective. but ofc a Bowie fan believes in "objectively good music" loooool

3. the fact that you consider these things "petty" is a red flag. gross

4. no, i rate albums, not people. and albums by either of those are completely worthless

5. only one person on each bowie album was a child rapist, and as far as i know only one person knew about it: bowie himself
Jan 2, 2022
you've already said all of this and none of it is a response to anything i said afterwards lol
Jan 2, 2022
Dec 16, 2021
1. do you know what prnouns are
2. do you think queer ppl like pronouns or something? why the fuck would a language get "cancelled" (<-- this is a nonsensical concept) for not having pronouns?
3. no pronouns sounds great! no unnecessary gendering of the language, no male/female bullshit... the dream
Dec 16, 2021
hilarious that you'd imply im an ignorant westerner, then in the SAME POST make a broad, sweeping generalization calling a whole continent bigots

how very American of you!
Dec 16, 2021
why are you so mad about a pedophile rapist being "cancelled" (lol)
Dec 16, 2021
you mean my "bubble" where child rapists are ostracized for their actions? what values are you even talking about? all ive talked about is bowie being a child r*pist, and the vast majority of the planet agrees that that is one of the worst things a person can do
Dec 16, 2021
who the fuck cares what a rapist pedophile writes songs about?
Dec 16, 2021
.... lots of people have talked about bowie being an abuser, this is a common conversation and was even a big news story when it broke

how could you say marilyn manson's abuse accusations are serious, but these arent? he r*ped two kids dude


I just talked to Yeezus
He said what up Jesus

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