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Troye Sivan - Something To Give Each Other
After a long break of 5 years, the Australian singer opened the doors to a new era. The concept of the album is filled with openness and harmony of the artist himself.
In the genre of dance pop, this is one of the best works in recent years. A clear line is observed, and thanks to this, music is pleasant for daily perception. An amazing atmosphere with sunny, meaningful vibes.
Throughout the album, the melody seems to flow from composition to composition, moods change, but at the same time ... read more

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Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)
Taylor Swift has acquired the rights to her key album in her career. A significant and influential work in pop music of the 2010s, mostly consisting of worldwide hits. The expectations of the audience were initially high, relying on the hype around the re-recording and promo from the singer herself.
1989 can be divided into two parts by emotionality: funny melodies with surface texts from a young singer and deep, interesting meanings with a lyrical beginning.
Definitely 1989tv is no longer the ... read more
Ice Spice & Rema - Pretty Girl
i don’t know what to say…. they ABSOLUTELY don’t match… skiiiiip
Rihanna - ANTI
The most significant work in Rihanna's discography and one of the most influential in the 21st century. After 7 years, the album sounds absolutely relevant and still holds positions.
Anti is about a unique sound with a fascinating, slightly mystical effect. A perfect example of an untyped pop album.
A great instrumental that allows you to get into a separate Universe of this album. Rihanna's vocals are an integral part of any of her releases. In Anti, there was no exception: the exceptional ... read more
Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
OLIVIA I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU. it's even better than i can imagined, i'm so glad she didn't let down! the album is so diverse, but at the same time it has a collective image and a common picture. i’m delighted with the vocals, lyrics and rock sound💔
Nicki Minaj - Last Time I Saw You
is this the queen of rap? — amazing turn of events lol.
i'm not thrilled with the vocals but I'm just crazy about the melody! Niсki intrigues with her new album, now it is unknown what to expect from her


Hey! I think you write some fantastic reviews so i wanted to just drop this here incase you are interested!

I recently just dropped my longest and most ambitious review on the site, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or even just a read, as i worked really hard on it! Aswell as hopefully spreading some awareness to the album that it is covering. If you are interested, its the pinned review on my profile!
Thanks for the follow!

If you wanna find albums that are that may be to your liking then just check out the list below, it's basically recommendations for an album that I think is the best in a specific genre with some help from the AOTY community to make those recommendations maybe you'll find something u like.
I'll enjoy my time here. In your world
Hi Senya

Thanks so much for following me. To celebrate my 200 follower milestone, I have made a special review and I was hoping you could take even just a little bit of time out of your day to read through it, it would mean so much to me if you could.
hi senya! Sorry if i wasn't that much active in the last few days, but school deprived me of time for my reviews. I'm going to do more reviews in the future. With that being said, check out the new ep by my record label, RNI. I was also wondering if you could add it on aoty and I produced track #4 (ShakeYourHips). Again, sorry if i wasn't active, i will try to do longer reviews. Thank you.
Hey Senya!
I just hit 200 followers, thank you all so much!!! To celebrate I'm doing another community list, as my last one seemed to go relatively well...

Ok, here's the scenario:

You're abducted by aliens and they're curious about the human race, and they ask you about the strange assortments of sounds we call 'music'.
What song or album would you pick to show them that encapsulates the reason why humans listen and enjoy music.

Thank you again for your contribution!!
Thx for the followw
Hi Senya,

I'm currently asking for submissions for the sequel of AOTY's Wildest Lyrics Imaginable. For this one, what is the most gut-wrenching/depressing lyrics you've ever heard in a song that has left an impact on your life? For the list, I'll have TWs for each song listed. I'll make sure to update you once it's done. Thank you :)


hey, welcome to my world !
senya / he/him / 17 yo / infp
i'm trying to improve my skills in writing a review! i’m inspired by music and it means a lot to me!
tysm for your feedback :)

languages: english / french / russian

for communication:
ig: @notssenya
email: [email protected]

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