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Noz -
Cordae is one of those rappers who I’ve always thought had massive potential and this was one of my most anticipated albums of 2022 . Did he live up to that with this album? The flows on this album don’t disappoint (most of the time). However, sometimes he sounds like his rapping is forced or he sounds like a discount Cole. Solid project though with some great tracks.
Noz -
This is fucking awful. Words can't describe how bad this is. The vocals on this album make me want to jump out of a 12 story window. For the love of god do NOT listen to this shitty album.
Noz -
Jumpped outta bed what I'm bout to eat
Accomplishing my tasks I rinse it and repeat
My Rocky cut scene started 2016
Thank you god for my fam they're Like Adrian to me
Now I'm bursting at the seams money growing steadily
Said don't chase the money let the money chase me
Wouldn't be myself without the lessons I have seen
Travis Scott no Chase B, Roc Nation Jay Z
City Girls JT Drizzy Drake 40
Ice T Arnold P TB12 Gronkowski
JPROs crazy dreams when I pass I'll grow my wings
Everyday when I wake up I ... read more
Noz -
I somehow stumbled open this album while I was on a walk and I was listening to some playlist. I don’t remember which one it was but that’s when I heard King Krule for the first time. I heard Energy Fleets and was shocked. I loved Archy’s soothing vocals in the track.
So I decided to put on the album. I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t believe how good this album was. It just kept on growing on me.
I can picture this album in my head.

Archy goes on to sing about how ... read more
Noz -
The only good thing Drake has done since 2016


Jan 19, 2022
U listen the new earl sweatshirt
Jan 19, 2022
Anything about Big fish theory is based af
Jan 19, 2022
Should I listen to Welcome to the Madhouse? I've heard it's pretty solid
Jan 16, 2022
Btw EARL IS ONE OF MY FAVS NOW. Can't wait to see ur rating for Sick! and if u review it
Jan 16, 2022
What I recommend when you come back is to just distance yourself from servers. I found myself addicted to general chats, so dms and calls just helped me be less attached.
Jan 16, 2022
That is so good to hear. If you ever decide to come back yk I'm always here with open arms <3
Jan 16, 2022
It’s totally fine. I’m doing well. Do you consider coming back or giving out any other social medias? Cause fr I miss you bro
Jan 15, 2022
Hey. Wanted to check in. Happy new year <3 How've you been?
Dec 17, 2021
Ly big homie <3
Oct 28, 2021
Hi Noz! Just noticed no one has done an AOTY’s favourite 00s album community list yet so I’m jumping in this opportunity. If u wanna contribute, shout me your top 10 albums of the 00s (please specify if unranked), I’ll let you know when the list is posted :)


Rating Scale:
100: Masterpiece/ Flawless
90: Incredible/ One or two misses but incredibly good
80: Great
70: Good but is slightly inconsistent
60: Decent but there are only a few tracks I'll go back to.
50: Mid/ Boring
40: Bad
30: Awful
20: Terrible
10: Trash
0: why please god why help me

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