Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Dec 25, 2020 (updated Dec 25, 2020)
this is a disappointment
Anyway onto the review this album is great the intro is fantastic and very nice!
Go2DaMoon is a brilliant song with a great Kanye feature with great production and it's quite a fun ride.

The track Stop Breathing was great but def not as good as the first 2 tracks.
Beno! is just boring and mid with boring production sadly and I also think the same with JumpOutTheHouse.
M3tamorphosis is really fun and Cudi's and Card's adlibs were fantastic and mad chill. Also, another great thing was carti's rapping on this track and I thought the same with Cudi except he fucking killed it.
Slay3r on the other hand has a terrible beat that sounds like something off fucking Garageband and Carti was boring AF.

Also, No Sl33p is about carti sleeping idk but it still goes amazingly hard.
New Tank was just amazing and I loved it even though the lyrics were terrible.
With Teen x I thought it was just okay with the Future verse it was really boring, to say the least.

Meh is boring and the new part was fucking trash lmao
I think that VAMP ANTHEM is a shitpost wtf is this shit.
That's what I think 1/2 of the album now scorpi is gonna talk about it

Aight cool now that noz has covered the partially bearable half of this album, allow me to take the reigns and take you on the tour of my slowly descending mental state
Right after the mildly interesting Vamp Shit (which noz and i both thought was hilarious for like 1 second) we pick up with New N3on which starts off like a 2000s hip-house beat that people like flo rida would just say jackshit over but then it continues to devolve into something so horrifically mid I would’ve actually liked to hear Flo Rida more on this beat. It doesn’t get any better either.

From this point on the album takes such a horrific fucking nosedive that it’s not even funny. Every track had me begging for it to be over more and more. Carti serves up a bunch of uninteresting trap mush where he either sounds fucking annoying or like he’s a cigarette smoker trying to shout at a bunch of young people on his lawn while his fucking voicebox dying. This shit literally melted my brain.

Legit After New N3on the exact same 2000s bling rap beat comes back again to haunt me. Even if the songs supposed to be cute, Carti sounds like his brain is melting and he’s dying from an incurable disease. Holy fucking shit. The next two tracks attempt going hard. Punk Monk fails. The next track is a surprising gem that actually has an energy to it! The issue is that it’s a gem in a huge fucking pile of shit. From this point on there is yet another instalment of shitty pop rap beats, shitty production overall, and songs so non-descript I found my brain just not working for most of it.

I really just want to listen to Mario Judah’s WLR now. I really could take anything that isn’t this. My brain has just been fried and melted and served in the middle of a bacon and egg McMuffin. This is so heinously disappointing.

(shoutout scorpi and this was an epic collab)
Dec 25, 2020
Dec 25, 2020
Dec 25, 2020
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Dec 26, 2020
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