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Violet delivers a chill indie song with soothing vocals and muted but still chill production. Obviously, the mixing of the beat and the vocals itself need much work, but this is a debut that shows promise. I love promise.
ntontehtrack -
A new rendition of Christmas songs with an interesting twist.

I'd like to preface this by saying I know these guys personally, and that they are NOT professional producers. Is that why I'm being lenient? Absolutely.

Here, Maddie, Maggie and Autumn all showcase that they are incredibly able in singing. None of these renditions sound bad - in fact, they are mixed incredibly better compared to most amateur songs at this level. The songs with drums on them need work - of course, as I preluded no ... read more
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Dresden dropped yet another album-related single, and while this one is much better than the previous couple I'm not sure about the direction that this project is going.
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An entrancing series of bold statements.
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Who allowed me to make this (its my pfp tho)
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Damn this one got some bangers
ntontehtrack -
what the hell
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this is... an improvement
ntontehtrack -
Good starting point. A few songs have some nice charm for a 14 year old having fun making music in his mom's basement after school but like the rest of it.. no absolutely not.
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we really got like 10 minutes of new music and 5 of that wasn't even all that...
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Walking past the shadows, they crawl
Lamp posts and windows rattle
Choking on the smoke filled oxygen
They don't know where I've been
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Damn. This is amazing.

Delete Zeke, also known as High Zoey, stylized as dltzk, is a rapper/producer from New Jersey who's really been on the come up these past few years. My first listen to this in February gave me an insight into hyperpop - however, with every first listen of a hyperpop comes the denial that you really listen to people who pitch up their voice with the worst mixes - and that these guys inspire you. Over the year, however, I've appreciated the creativity in this genre. Hell, ... read more
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Honestly very solid. Oreo's production has leveled up TENFOLD.

Out Of Breath (7/10)
Condolences (7/10)
POTW Remix (6/10)
On This Remix (5/10)

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I'm gonna rate this as parts, because I feel like I can get my thoughts better off that way, but here we go.

Part 1:

This part is easily the better half in almost everything. Has nice replayability, the beat is bouncy, the mixing is nice. It gets a bit boring, but it's 2 minutes, so it's fine. Dres's beat here is the best part, however. Jon Julius seems offbeat at parts, the flow is shaky, and he's fitting too many syllables into one sentence. Overall, not bad.

Part 2:
This part is... ... read more
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You all are nitpicking
and biased
I win
Bye bye!
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Real Trap Shit. Trapaholics. Certified Trap Banger.

Pi'erre showcases his best rapping on this project. TLOP4 had a lot of vision but was executed kinda poorly. However, this project is definitely a trap classic, and easily Pi'erre's best project to date.

Favorite Songs: Switching Lanes, 42, YNS, Practice, 40 Clip, Retroville, Amen, Butterfly, Groceries, 4U
Least Favorite Songs: Drunk And Nasty
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