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Aug 29

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MGMT, bouncing off of the success of Oracular Spectacular, deliver an album that surpasses the heights of its predecessor.

Congratulations is the second album from indie/alt pop band MGMT, who took the word by storm with Oracular Spectacular, their 2007 debut that was a stunning blend of radio-ready electro-pop bangers and psychedelic deep cuts that thoroughly surprised me on my first listen of the album. The psychedelic tunes brought up the rear end of Oracular ... read more

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nug -
With a weird blend of rock and pop, ORCA sees Gus Dapperton deliver something so... odd.

I've listened to a fair amount of Dapperton in the past, and he hasn't had any lasting impressions on me, nor will he in the future. His bedroom pop songs are so cut-and-dry and predictable that it's boring, but if you tune out everything intricate about his songs, they're enjoyable enough. On ORCA, he tries to grab your attention with overused lyrical and instrumental tropes, which obviously doesn't work. ... read more
nug -
The little girl from London grew up.

That's a good and a bad thing. Amy Winehouse was finally proving herself to the world, and had everything at her fingertips-- including substances and the ability to enter a downward spiral. Fueled by addiction, loss, and existentialism, Back to Black was born; it's safe to say that it's a masterpiece. With tighter vocal control and more interesting instrumentals, Winehouse barely gets anything wrong on her second (and final official) project. Back to Black ... read more
nug -
Although she was just budding at the time of Frank's release, Amy Winehouse often showed glimpses of her full potential on the now-famous debut from the deceased artist.

Winehouse was 20 when Frank was released, and her relatively normal life was flipped upside-down as soon as her album released. She was an unknown artist, but her debut shot her into the limelight, and for good reason. With a commanding voice and groovy soul instrumentals, Winehouse tore the music industry to shreds, becoming ... read more
nug -
*Sniff sniff* What's that? I think I smell a hot take!

This album is as boring as its cover. Clocking in at a gargantuan 79 minutes, Aerial is definitely an album. It was released 12 years after The Red Shoes, which is my second favorite project from Kate Bush. However, this decade-long break did nothing to enhance Bush's music, and I don't blame her for it, but the drop in quality is quite large. Comprised mostly of ballads and sparsely decorated instrumentals, listening to Aerial is just ... read more
nug -
Now I know why people clown on YoungBoy fans so much.
Sep 11, 2020
I usually don't like to spam my new albums or whatever, but I just dropped a collaborative EP with a producer KiNG that I'm really proud of. I would appreciate if you reviewed it. :)
Sep 9, 2020
Sep 6, 2020
One of the most underappreciated reviewers on this website. Keep up the amazing work, you have my full support πŸ‘
Jul 27, 2020
Jul 25, 2020
Since no one on Twitter seemed happy with the Mercury Music Prize, I thought it would interesting to see what people on here thought were the best! Not in any order so scroll through options to find your favourites. Write your choices in other if they don't appear in list!
Jul 7, 2020
Great reviews! Keep up the awesome workπŸ™‚
Jul 1, 2020
Yes, it is an understandable and very interesting answer! In fact this is the magic of the note, it is that it is subjective to its author; for me a note, whatever it is, whether I agree or not, takes all its meaning when it is accompanied by a constructive analysis and objective. Putting 100 to an album that you love but which objectively doesn't deserve it, is not a crime, it's a way of thanking something important and I totally understand this approach

The important thing is that everyone benefits from it and is happy to rating , it is necessary to be in adequacy with one's rating (:
Jul 1, 2020
For my part, I believe that no album is 100% perfect. But when I put a note of 98 it's very symbolic, in the sense that it represents one of the best albums (in my opinion). I totally adhere to the rating system, I base it on a general analysis and not on a scale per song. A recent album (with a very rare exception) can't have more than 90, because I estimate that from 90 to 100 are reserved for classical albums; which means that it takes time, sometimes years for the "recent" album to pass this milestone because it deserves to be considered as such. And finally I think there's only one album that I would rate 100, just to say it's my favourite album, it's Abbey Road by the Beatles ! (:

What's your opinion on ratings in general?
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