Tyler, The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY
I cannot believe this was left off the album. Holy shit. The lyrics, the instrumental, the MUSIC VIDEO??? This is the best Tyler, the Creator song. That's it.
I'm not very bothered if this whole album is just Kevin, he clearly cares about ending the Brockhampton project on a good note and if all of its songs are good like this, I don't mind.
The 1975 - I’m In Love With You
Excluding "Part of the Band,", the direction for BFIAFL seems to be similar to the band's self-titled, but in a much more mature way. The instrumentals are upbeat and Matty seems to be having fun taking a more lighthearted approach to his vocals. While I don't think this song holds a candle to the band's best, it certainly is another radio-friendly pop song that doesn't have any glaring issues. The chorus could be a little less repetitive but that's the 1975's bread and butter.
Panic! at the Disco - Viva Las Vengeance
*Listens to Queen once*

Brendon Urie: “I’m thinking this next album has to be BIG. Instrumentals need to be expansive, very vast, and most importantly, powerful. You think you guys can do that? I really want this rock opera to go well.”

His band: (They don’t exist)

Megan Thee Stallion - Traumazine
Megan's music isn't actually getting worse, people are just getting bored of her.
This is an absolute snooze fest.

With a whopping two songs worth returning to, ELIO'S INFERNO is not good! It follows the autotuned vocal trend set by Charli XCX, but ELIO is not nearly as interesting as her more talented counterpart. With boring instrumentals, lackluster lyrics, and sleepy vocals, this mixtape drags along. That's about it, check out the couple tracks I liked below.

One word to summarize this mixtape: Burning

PERSONAL FAVS: new and improved, Godly Behavior
LEAST FAV: Read ... read more

Jacob Sartorius - SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD
Let's check in with Jacob Sartorius, is he still an awful musician?

I mean, yeah. But why? Let's dive into it. Mr. Sartorius is 19 years old, and when his critical darling of a debut single, "Sweatshirt," was released, he was 13. Six years later, Mr. Sartorius's voice sounds almost the same. He tackles the emo trap/pop punk genre on this EP, but his voice doesn't have the edge it needs to deliver his lyrics. The lyrics are really bad to begin with, but with a capable musician ... read more

The 1975 - Happiness
God, this is amazing.

"Happiness" is perhaps the most lush The 1975 have ever sounded, with a groovy beat and killer work by everyone in the band. Every part of this track sounds sharp, from the bass to the guitar to the vocals to the saxophone, everything is wonderful. The title of the track encapsulates the feeling of it perfectly, as there's no sadness tainting the track. "Happiness" is reminiscent of "If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)," and that's the biggest ... read more

Her's - Songs of Her's
Each song on Songs of Her's is dipped into a vat of melancholy that is intensified with the knowledge that the duo that created the songs is deceased.

Despite that, it's the most wonderful melancholy feeling you'll ever have, so soak it in.

Embrace the feeling, rejoice in it.

Rest in peace.

Calvin Harris, Normani, Tinashe & Offset - New To You
This is the best single that Calvin Harris has put out thus far in this album cycle.

While I don't think this is a true summer banger, New To You really is a great song. Calvin Harris stepped it up on this one with his production and instrumental work with lush string work and a funky bass line. Normani and Tinashe fit the overall vibe of the song, and even though Offset sounds a bit out of place, it doesn't ruin the song.

Daft Punk - Discovery
Okay, this is much better.

After disliking Homework, I was anticipating my listen of Discovery. It has a reputation of being the best Daft Punk album and I was eager to dive in. It's safe to say that it is much better than its predecessor. Discovery feels like it's decades more modern than Homework, despite there only being four years between the two albums. This is where Daft Punk came into their own, utilizing more synths and incorporating vocals into their work. Guest vocals from ... read more

Daft Punk - Homework
Maybe my tiny little baby brain doesn't work, but I can't connect with this.

The only Daft Punk album I've listened to is Random Access Memories, and I loved it. The blend of pop and electronic elements is perfect, and it's one of my favorite albums from the 2010s. To preface the rest of this review, I have to state I don't really listen to older music at all. I've never even touched music made by the Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, etc. Music from older eras is not my thing. Homework ... read more

Calvin Harris - Stay With Me
Do I like it? This song is a banger but also boring, and I can only see it being really good in a club setting when it’s remixed. Other than that, nah.
Wet - Letter Blue
There's just something about this album that I love.

Letter Blue isn't experimental, it's not complicated, and there's not any sophisticated lyrical content to chew on. The album is content with being itself, a 36-minute trip through the minds of the trio known as Wet. Guided by the soothing voice of Kelly Zutrau, Letter Blue is a laid-back album about heartbreak and accepting that sometimes you can't change someone's mind to align with yours. The LP can be best described as electronic R&B ... read more

Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND
You'd think an album was really bad when the skits are the best part of the album... but here we are.

Wasteland is my first foray into Brent Faiyaz's music, and it was a great introduction. The 64 minute runtime was a little daunting, sure, but I was up to the task. I'm glad I was. Primarily R&B, Wasteland is a lush, varied project that deals with Faiyaz struggling to deal with present and past relationships and the regrets that come with them. Faiyaz sees himself as the bad guy from the ... read more

Bazzi - Miss America
The vocals are mixed a little too loud, but this track is groovy, definitely one of Bazzi's best in a while.
The 1975 - Part of the Band
This is the most laid-back and relaxed The 1975 has ever sounded, and it's a nice change for the band. NOACF was bloated and messy, but based on this song, BFIAFL (acronyms are the only acceptable ways to talk about 1975 albums) may have a more relaxing feel to it. Only time will tell.
Soccer Mommy - Sometimes, Forever
Soccer Mommy - Uncolorful Theory
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