AOTY Users: Comfort Albums


As we are facing such a hard time right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, I've decided to create a list of albums that have been helpful to the users of AOTY to get through this difficult time. I've gathered this list with a bunch of different genres, music styles, and years that have all been picked by plenty of users from AOTY! Every pick from a user has a descriptive sentence (some do, some do not) explaining why they loved this album, how it helped them, calms them down, or makes them happy!

Music has been a huge outlet for me to escape reality, and keep me sane through this pandemic, as I felt connected to many albums that I've discovered on this site. It feels amazing to have that go-to album that you know word by word.. that one album you feel is so relatable that you feel so connected to. So, I hope this list can help inspire many other people to find their own 'Comfort Album'. If you would like to list one under and weren't added to the list, please let me know under my shoutbox. I will add you in!

Thank you all to the users who have submitted an album! If I made any mistakes with your username, let me know.

Stay safe and healthy <3

100 gecs - 1000 gecs
(@BGL13's pick)

"It's an incredibly fun album and never loses its replay value, when I listen to this album I really just focus on the album and forget everything else."

Genre: Glitch Pop
Kenneth Hope - Fragileworld (Music from the Film)
(@jcbal97's pick)

"If I had to choose one album that I would listen to during times of stress and anxiety and that effectively relieves me, it would be this album. You see, I’m a creatively graphic person, I tend to associate music with images. This album, especially the songs "Velvet Sunset" and "Moonstone" just put me into a place of solace; a mental hideout, a place where I can escape and be alone when I need it. That landscape you see on the album cover is that place. Based on the cover, I have a starting point and then I imagine and forge the rest of the landscape and mentally escape into it."
Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights
(@Nightwing734's pick)

"This album makes me feel so many things, it has really comforting songs like NYC, Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down (what a title), and songs that make me really sad like The New and Untitled, but also songs that lift me up a little bit for some reason, like Say Hello To The Angels and Roland. It's an album I can put on in so many situations, for example, it would be perfect for a night drive or a cry session, but the album works really well as ''background music'' too. It's an album I can come back to any time I want and just have a good time/sad time with."

Genre: Post-Punk
(@reaIreaIweaseI's pick)

"BTS has slowly grown to become my most beloved artist ever, and the warm blanket BTS provide on BE has become more and more effective with each passing month of the pandemic. Even though BE is nowhere near as ambitious as BTS' other releases, the immense amount of positivity that radiates off of upbeat bops such Telepathy and Stay makes it as replayable for me as it is."

Genre: K-POP
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
(@cakenator's pick)

"Love the noisy synths and smooth vocals, I’m a huge fan of noisy synths but can’t really feel calm with them, however is an extreme exception."

Genre: Rock
Herb Ellis & Remo Palmier - Windflower
(@eliiscool5's pick)

"Really cool jazz that calms me down and I find myself coming back to this album very often."

Genre: Jazz
Antônio Carlos Jobim - Wave
(@August's pick)

Go like and check out August's review for the album <3

Genre: Bossa Nova/Samba
Ichiko Aoba - 剃刀乙女 (Kamisori Otome)
(@Chode's pick)

"Incredibly soothing album. While not my favorite project of hers (I slightly prefer Windswept Adan), its minimalistic yet comfy guitars fuse in the best way possible with her mellow yet lush vocals to create an album that puts me in a bewildered trance every time I listen to it due to not only how well it utilizes its minimalistic sound design, but also how at home and comfy it makes me feel."

Genre: Contemporary Folk
Modern Baseball - Sports
(@fucktobymaguire's pick)

"Since I'm a dumb angsty emotional teen, this chill "DIY emo" album speaks to me in a way no other album does. I'm able to use it to wind down, to feel good, to cry, to really do anything to. It's just a really smart, cute, relatable album that's fit for any occasion: especially ones where you need cheering up :D"

Genre: Emo
The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You
(@TomBejoy’s pick)

"It has been the go-to album for me for the last 3 months personally. It has that sonically fresh touch I can gel with every single time."

Genre: Neo-psychedelia
DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - Charmed
(@nostalgia's pick)

"It's an incredible three-hour journey through the sounds and aesthetics of yesteryear, compiled in a very lush, delightful, and sentimental way. My first listen of this album was one of the most magical experiences I've had all lockdown, it was like I was just transported back to when things were "normal", back to when I felt like I was really living my life, a three-hour-long escape. It's hard to explain but I wish everyone could experience what I did."

Genre: Outsider house
Frank Ocean - Blonde
(@nicoperagine's pick)

"As much as I may listen to this album incorrectly with little regard for its lyrics. themes, or even details in production, I can always put on Blonde by Frank Ocean, no bad tracks."

Genre: Alternative R&B
Gorillaz - The Fall
(@LuckLoose's pick)

"The songs on the album just calm me down (I mean it's got some loud moments but;-; stay with me ok) with all these world events currently happening everywhere. I definitely suggest it if you're either a Gorillaz fan who hasn't listened to the album or just someone needing something to listen to."

Genre: Electronic pop
Fishmans - 98.12.28 男達の別れ (98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare)
(@Twix's pick)

"I love this album since it basically displays the love a band can truly have for music and it shows in every single minute of this album. It is my comfort album because it transports me to a time in which nothing matters except the music, I forget everything, and I just immerse myself in the record. I don't care about anything else at this moment, and I absorb myself into the music, letting myself be free. The sound of the record is no doubt the highlight as each instrumental solo across the 2-hour record is chock full of painful & emotive feelings, and having it be live makes it even more potent. So damn good, christ."

Genre: Dream Pop
Lorde - Melodrama
(@thewayiam's pick)

"Lorde has been my favorite singer since she dropped her debut singles, and her 2017 album Melodrama is my second favorite album of all time, and it’s really helped me through the pandemic, and even shit before that. Lorde’s voice is just the most soothing thing I’ve ever heard, and her lyrical substance on Melodrama is extremely blunt, mature, and yet so, so comforting to me."

Genre: Art Pop
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
(@Getoutdakitchen's pick)

"For me, this album is just one of those records that I'll always feel at home when listening, I'm a huge fan of the band, and this album just captures what they're best at in my opinion, it's full of heavenly and unforgettable electronic production, amazing features and performances from Damon, and its a post-apocalyptic concept about basic technology becoming more and more prevalent and important than humanity is beautifully executed on nearly every song, in particular songs like 'Empire Ants', 'To Binge', 'Cloud Of Unknowing' take me to a slowly decaying, but gorgeous and vivid world of Plastic Beach, and I love that experience every time I turn the album on."

Genre: Electro-Pop
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
(@thomasjward's pick)

"The songwriting and stripped-back production allows me to take my mind off everything and every time I listen to it feels like the 1st time"

Genre: Indie Folk
AURORA - A Different Kind Of Human (Step II)
(@avernannes's pick)

Although being rather fast-paced, this album is exceptionally soft and delicate, and gives you this internally touching feeling of hope and assurance; it's hard to describe, but tracks like "The River" or "The Seed" make you feel like you are extremely powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

Genre: Art Pop
Björk - Homogenic
(@Fhhgvnjscvbbg's pick)

"I love the album because her vocals are amazing, the electronic production is stunning, and nothing else sounds quite like it. I see it as a comforting album because it sounds melancholic but also optimistic at the same time. The album just takes you to another universe."

Genre: Art Pop
Animal Collective - Feels
(@Windy's pick)

"Definitely one of AnCo's best, "Feels" is full of comfortable, soothing instrumentals and wonderful melancholic lyrics. When I've felt especially stressed or overwhelmed, the mysterious and shimmery sound of this album is a perfect antidote. The instrumentals are somewhat psychedelic and are oftentimes very calming. What I really love about the album, though, is the lyrics; many of the lyrics throughout the album seem to be about emotional recovery after something dreadful happening, which contributes to the feeling of melancholic optimism given off by many of the songs. Songs like "Did You See the Words", "Grass", and "Banshee Beat" all give off a calm feeling, and help me overcome any worry I have about the future."

Genre: Neo-psychedelia
Talking Heads - Remain in Light
(@avernannes's pick)

"I discovered it during the time of lockdown, and it worked exactly how you've described, so I have a first-hand confirmation haha "Remain in Light" is super dense and energetic, with its complex, insanely groovy instrumentation and uplifting vocals it makes you jump, dance, and grin from ear to ear; one of the most delighting albums I've heard."

Genre: Post-Punk
Noname - Telefone
(@TehSniper_143's pick)

"This album, for me at least, on a shitty day, is like a warm welcoming hug. Like anytime I had a shit day at school or something, I can always trust "Telefone" to help calm me down."

Genre: Jazz Rap
Beach House - Depression Cherry
(@andiov1's pick)

"It's not perfect but it evokes such a feeling of warmth and fuzziness I can't help but be put at ease by it no matter what's going on with my life (stress from school, trouble sleeping, etc.)"

Genre: Dream Pop
Ween - The Mollusk
(@ThatRockPlayer's Pick)

"I got into Ween during the pandemic and they've helped me with their depression with their fun and weird music. Hell, they've given me some inspiration on being a better songwriter. I'd choose "The Mollusk" in particular because that's my favorite album by them. It's fun, weird, and even was the album I listened to by them since they inspired Spongebob. It's definitely the quintessential Ween album. Thank you for including me on your list and letting me talk about one of my favorite bands and albums of all time <3"

(@Stal's Pick)

"Ween generally has been one of my favorite bands recently and this is my second favorite album by them. I love it because of how it has the ween personality of most of their albums, which is weird and usually not too serious, and it forms it into a very cohesive sea-based album that is definitely their most cohesive and pretty easy listening. I'd consider this a comfort album because of just how playful, and fun it is and at some points feeling like children's songs, but in a good way. I just never get tired of this album either."

Genre: Art Rock
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
(@rafae_I’s pick)

"I just have so much nostalgia for it, and it always puts me in a good mood as I think of better times."

Genre: Indie Rock
Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
(@JayCrackers’s pick)

"My comfort album, it is hard to select one because many can fall under that category for many reasons, but when I want to get comfortable it is mainly due to the fact that I've been down recently so an album that resonates with me and has powerful lyrics which I can just scream it usually what I would find most comforting and in that case, I would often turn to this album, it is nowhere near perfect, but the record holds a special place in my heart especially quite a handful of tracks."

Genre: Emo Rock
Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex
(@Valeyard’s pick)

"It still gives me feelings I didn't even know I had. I felt it listening to it the first time and I still feel it when I turn it on again. When I hear the guitar or bass sounds, I feel as if I transported to some faraway place."

Genre: Dream Pop
Against All Logic - 2017 - 2019
(@Tristan's pick)

"I love this album for a few reasons, mainly its incredible consistency and sound. I personally believe this is one of Nicolas Jaar's best releases, and it represents a calmness I've yet to experience before in music.
Why is it so comforting? Well, although this is personal, it's largely due to the incredible amount of times I've listened to the record (over 100), and it has grown a lot with me. However, I can see this easily being a comforting album for those who are newer to it. It contains some very relaxing and well-sampled tracks, though it does have its more intense moments."

Genre: Tech House
Sampha - Process
(@Doublez's pick)

"I particularly carry this album in my heart simply because it helped me during a rather complicated period of my life. Without forgetting that it is a musical marvel. It is a perfect comfort album, thanks to its atmosphere, to the divine voice of Sampha, and also thanks to the writing."

Genre: Alternative R&B
A Tribe Called Quest - People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
(@slaydawg's pick)

"The album is just so chill and relaxing, and it’s filled with lyrics and songs that give off the feeling of people just being themselves, moving through life, and overall just trying to have a good time. I think it’s really hard not to have good vibes while listening to this album."

Genre: Hip-Hop
Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION
(@thiefofprose's pick)

"Without a doubt, this is my comfort album. I am the metal guy, but you put Emotion on and I'm dancing and smiling like a fool. It never fails to increase my happy-levels LOL."

(@Tokyolovehotel's pick)

"I love this album because listening to it feels like euphoria. This album literally changed my life in so many ways. I listen to it when I'm sad when I'm happy and etc. Also, I have a lot of good memories associated with this album."

Genre: Dance Pop
Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun
(@Flamingooooo's pick)

"Most of the time, if I want comfort in music I choose single tracks, but I remember that for a long time the album that was helping me in difficult moments was Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Ros. It's a very soothing and relaxing album that can alleviate anxiety and other unpleasant sensations that we all feel from time to time. Its beautiful and original soundscapes are one of a kind so it’s not only one of the warmest and the most comforting albums but also one of the best overall."

Genre: Post-Rock
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
(@ConcreteCastles's pick)

"The cozy horns, woodwinds, piano, and guitar are the perfect instrument choices for a comforting but wistful sound. The stories told through the lyrics range from insanely beautiful to harrowing. Illinois is nostalgic, warm ear candy that is a unique listening experience."

Genre: Chamber-Pop
C418 - Minecraft - Volume Alpha
(@Stankysauce's pick)

"It's just so nostalgic and reminds me of being a kid again."

Genre: Ambient Soundtrack
Joji - Nectar
(@Matt's pick)

"This album comforts me as it displays multiple different moods as it isn't exactly the most cohesive project in the world. I believe its non-cohesiveness is actually propelled itself and succeeds to the point where you can have a specific "go-to" song when coming to it in any mood. It comforts you in so many ways, not as some would only comfort you in one. It's an all-in-one package, that's why I picked it."

Genre: Alternative Pop
Black Country, New Road - For the first time
(@Noz's pick)

"This album just makes me feel happy if I am listening to the really nice chill songs off there and also the more hardcore songs are really fun to listen to."

Genre: Experimental rock
Mac Miller - Circles
(@Noz's second pick)

"Just so nice and one of my favorite albums while I was isolated during COVID-19."

(@mediorce_feet's pick)

"That album isn't exactly all happiness and good vibes but it's quite uplifting, I think that's the right way to describe it. When you listen to this album, it just feels like your problems are accepted for what they are, instead of ignoring them or listening to even sadder music."

Genre: Pop Rap
Panic! at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
(@Okayswans's pick)

"This got me through the early parts of the pandemic with its very happy and optimistic-sounding songs it was something that meant a lot to me especially at those rough times."

Genre: Pop Rock
Tove Lo - Lady Wood
(@marvelgaryen's pick)

"I love this album because it reminds me of the nighttime and partying, it brings me back to my early teenage years when I went to places to get wasted and dance all night is fresh, youthful and all those things. The fact that this record is a comfort to me says a lot about my taste in music, I adore tracks that transport me to places where I get completely lost and numb."

Genre: Electro-Pop
Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs
(@Doofy's pick)

"Really nostalgic and a bit sad"

Genre: Indie Rock
Flo Milli - Ho, why is you here ?
(@pizzagrande's pick)

"It's not so much soothing or relaxing but happy and energetic. I like her carefree attitude and that attitude can maybe stop me from worrying about things while I'm listening to it"

Genre: Trap-Rap
Playboi Carti - Die Lit
(@redbded's pick)

"It's an album I discovered right at the start of the worldwide spread of COVID, and it helped me cope with the fact that we would be isolated, with its party mosh-pit sound. It's extremely fun, repayable, and has put a smile on my face during these dark times, reminding me of what the world was like before."

Genre: Trap Rap
Beach House - Teen Dream
(@JacksonLerner's pick)

"I love this album because it is the best dream pop I’ve ever heard. On their 2010 album, Chris Coady helps beach house sound ethereal as ever. It’s a comforting album for me because the music is calming. Every time I listen to teen dream, my mind goes back to when I first heard/discovered it. The music has got a powerful, physical impact on me. so yeah, the teen dream is a timeless album that I discovered while in my teens, which gives the music the feeling of a memory."

Genre: Dream Pop
Willie Nelson - Stardust
(@ThomasGuy’s pick)

“It's this terrific covers album that happens to also double as my favorite country record of all time. It's just an incredibly soothing, reassuring, tender album that always makes me feel at peace. Nelson's voice is unique, and calming, and the the subtle plucking of his guitar and splashes of harmonica always do a good job of easing my mind.“

Genre: Country
San Holo - album1
(SMTCubes's pick)

"This album just has really nice chill vibes that have gotten me through a lot of breakdowns personally."

Genre: Electro-Pop
Steely Dan - Aja
(@Andrei’s pick)

“Pretty much every song on the album is upbeat, all the layers of instrumentation make for the best produced album I've ever heard, and Donald Fagen and Walter Becker's songwriting take the album to a whole new level.”

Genre: Pop/Rock Jazz
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@Andrei Added, sorry for the late response!! ❤️
Pretty much every song on the album is upbeat, all the layers of instrumentation make for the best produced album I've ever heard, and Donald Fagen and Walter Becker's songwriting take the album to a whole new level.
@Andrei Hey! Of course! Do you mind giving a few words (sentence or two) as to why you would choose this album to go under the comfort album for you? Would be greatly appreciated ❤️
hey can you add aja by steely dan for mine please. It's jazz rock btw idk why the website doesnt classify it as that
@tbslandfill <3
love this idea
@ThomasGuy Thank you!!
Good list!
Amazing. Thank You for letting me be a part of it 🥺
Fantastic list Ida :)
Ok. 👍
@August @pizzagrande @julipluseta Thank you so much!! ❤
wow! thank you for adding me :)
Awesome.lisgnwnd idea!!
good ass list!
i love this concept & what a wonderful list
this list is quite spectacular
Ayoo great list <3
great list ida!!!! <3333
i like this, very cool
love the idea
Wow such a great list, variable vibes but every single one is dope.
great list, thanks for the inclusion :)
Awesome list! Thanks for including me!!!
@redbded Thanks for the pick! Great choice. You have been added :)
I'd say my comfort album during the pandemic has been none other than Die Lit by Playboi Carti. It's an album I discovered right at the start of the worldwide spread of COVID, and it helped me cope with the fact that we would be isolated, with it's party mosh-pit sound. It's extremely fun, repayable, and has put a smile on my face during these dark times, reminding me of what the world was like before.
love this list lol
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