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OutKast - Aquemini
Feb 27
Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
Danger Mouse & Black Thought
Cheat Codes
Feb 22

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Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
(700 followers + 100th review special) Excuse me motherfuckers I have just too much to say about TPAB
10 days of work and 8 relistens, this is my longest review yet to date, containing up to 9836 words and 64929 charaters, now here we go.

Man, how can I get started? Kendrick Lamar journey to create "To Pimp A Butterfly" involves a deep exploration of his formative years, career milestones, and cultural and societal influences. Born in Compton, California, Lamar's upbringing was ... read more

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Earl Sweatshirt - solace
Wdym "drumless"? I can hear drums very clearly in pt 2's outro
Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid
You know Aesop Rock is a legendary rapper when he made a song about his pet cat with better lyricism than 80% of rap songs.

Aesop Rock's "The Impossible Kid" is a masterclass in introspection, storytelling, and lyricism, cementing its status as a 100/100 perfect album. Through its tracks, Aesop delves into personal narratives, mental health struggles, existential musings, and yes, even his relationship with his cat, Kirby, showcasing his unique ability to find profound meaning in the ... read more

Kanye West - Yeezus
Original score: 50/100
As I listen to this album more and more to try and love it, I just hate it even more. I understand this is a controversial opinion, but I'm not sorry for this.

Ye's "Yeezus" has always been a polarizing piece of work within his discography, celebrated by some for its bold, experimental approach to hip-hop, while others criticize it for the very same reasons. Upon revisiting the album, my appreciation for its attempts at innovation has ... read more

OutKast - Stankonia
Forget what I said on Yeezus back in my 50/100 review I love this album so much!!!

OutKast's "Stankonia" is not just an album; it's a groundbreaking journey into the soul of hip-hop, funk, and the raw, unfiltered essence of societal commentary. Released at the turn of the millennium, this masterpiece by André 3000 and Big Boi redefined what hip-hop could be, merging psychedelic funk, razor-sharp rap, and an exploratory spirit that challenged and expanded the genre's ... read more

OutKast - Aquemini
"Let's hit the parking lot so I can sick your duck" Like wtf bro 😭😭😭

OutKast's "Aquemini" stands as a monumental achievement in the landscape of hip-hop, a dazzling fusion of lyrical genius, musical innovation, and thematic depth that not only cements it as a masterpiece but also as arguably the best album in OutKast's illustrious catalog. Awarding it a 100/100 is not just a nod to its brilliance but an acknowledgment of its profound impact on the genre and its ... read more


nice reviews man, they're so good it's like they're from chatgpt
Hello! My 900th review is out, and I usually don't like to self-promote my stuff, but I feel very passionate about this review, so I'd love it if you gave it a shot:

Hey men my list would be

2. Chris brown
3.lil dicky
4.chris Cornell
5. Staind
Wow your pretty cool bro

And also

Open minded too

Good job bro

:) 👍
Sorry, but I don't really have that kind of list at all in my head.
5. Pent Up Pup
4. Falling In Reverse
3. Lil Xan
2. Me&Me
1. Tom MacDonald
1. Tones & I

2. 6ix9ine

3. French Montana

4. Sexxy red

5. Tom MacDonald

Honorable mention to Diddy because I hate that guy with a passion.
4. Ronnie Radke / Falling In Reverse - Dude is just a straight up clown, actually no, he's the entire circus show. Such a corny dude that is also a horrible person.

5. Ed Sheeran - he's British and he's ginger, not much more to say.
Sorry for the late response

I don't really have any "least favourites" as I don't tend to listen to stuff I don't enjoy, but a few that I don't like in no particular order:

1. Tones and I - boring, uninspired pop garbage that is so watered down that it makes me lose braincells whenever I hear her songs, and I work in retail so I hear Dance Monkey at least twice every time I'm at work.

2. Lil Dicky - The musical equivalent of a Lolcow, someone who tries too hard to be ironically funny that he himself becomes the joke. This also encompasses other unfunny artists that try too hard such as Tom Macdonald and Kid Rock.

3. Psycho Synner - Probably the worst rock / metal outfit I can think of. Absolutely no redeeming qualities, every song is hot garbage with cringe disgusting lyrics and the songs themselves are corny as hell. Makes sense that the frontman is the drummer from every wife beating, beer drinking, gambling addicted fathers favourite Metal band, Five Finger Death Punch.
1. Drake
2. Onision
3. Tom MacDonald (him and Onision are interchangeable tbh)
4. Ice Spice
5. (idk) Demondice (I guess if I have to pick a fifth spot)


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